Discover the Top 3 Fitness & Yoga Instagram Influencers of Eau Claire for 2023

Welcome to the vibrant community of Eau Claire, Wisconsin โ€“ a beautiful city filled with friendly people and an abundance of activities. As the year 2023 approaches, more people are looking for ways to stay healthy, fit, and in shape.

If youโ€™re one of them, then youโ€™re in luck. This blog post will cover the top three fitness and yoga Instagram influencers of Eau Claire for 2023 โ€“ professionals who can help you reach your fitness and wellness goals.

With the help of their pictures, stories, and insights, you can get the knowledge and motivation necessary to keep yourself and your family healthy. So without further ado, letโ€™s dive in and discover the top three fitness and yoga influencers of Eau Claire for 2023!

Top 3 fitness & yoga Instagram influencers from Eau Claire:

1. Kelsey Redman – @kelseyredfittt

Kelsey Redman is an Instagram influencer based in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. With the username kelseyredfittt, she currently has 8,653 average views per TikTok and 1,159 engagements per post with a 13.39% engagement rate.

Her focus is on fitness and yoga, and she is passionate about bringing health and wellness to people’s lives. Her content is inspiring and motivating, showing followers how to stay in shape and live a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Followers: 8,653

Engagement rate: 13.39%

Avg. engagement: 1,159

2. Corey – @cw_life26

Corey is an Instagram influencer from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. With username cw_life26, Corey has amassed 4,410 and 4220 average views per TikTok and 234 average engagements per post, giving them a very impressive engagement rate of 5.31% in their posts. Corey is focused on promoting fitness and yoga, giving followers incentives to stay active and mindful.

Followers: 4,410

Engagement rate: 5.31%

Avg. engagement: 234

3. Makaia Childress – @delt.daddy

Makaia Childress, also known by their username delt.daddy, is an Instagram influencer based out of Eau Claire. With an average of 1,839 views and 4220 average views per TikTok, Makaia has been able to build a strong following for their posts about fitness and yoga.

Each post averages 219 engagements, with an engagement rate of 11.91%. If you’re looking for the perfect combination of body & mind, look no further than Makaia Childress!

Followers: 1,839

Engagement rate: 11.91%

Avg. engagement: 219


2023 has been a banner year for fitness and yoga influencers in Eau Claire. From trendsetters to health gurus, these three individuals have proven to be some of the best role models and sources of inspiration in the area.

We hope that the wisdom and motivation of these three amazing influencers can help motivate you and your loved ones to get the most out of your exercise and yoga practice. Get outdoors, stay active, and keep a healthy lifestyle!