Discover the top 3 Instagram influencers in Pomigliano D’arco for 2023 – restaurants, food, and grocery edition – IMAI

As we approach the year 2023, the food and grocery industry continues to thrive, and Instagram has proven to be a valuable platform for promoting culinary businesses. Pomigliano D’arco, located in the Naples region of Italy, is home to a vibrant food scene and has seen an influx of influential Instagram accounts that cater to food lovers and gastronomic adventurers.

From the bustling cafes, family-run eateries, and gourmet restaurants, Pomigliano D’arco is a foodie’s haven. In this article, we will take a closer look at three noteworthy restaurants and Instagram influencers who have made waves in the food industry and captured the hearts of locals and tourists alike.

Join us as we dive into the culinary world of Pomigliano D’arco and explore the vibrant food culture that this city has to offer.

Top 3 restaurants, food & grocery Instagram influencers from Pomigliano D’arco:

1. Rostì Pomigliano ®️ – @rosti_pomigliano

Rostì Pomigliano ®️ is a popular Instagram influencer based in Pomigliano D’arco whose username is rosti_pomigliano. With over 17,740 followers and an impressive 638475 average views per TikTok, this influencer has earned a significant following with their engaging content.

On average, Rostì Pomigliano ®️ gains an average of 1,081 engagements per post, with an impressive 6.09% engagement rate. By sharing their passion for food & grocery, this influencer has captivated audiences with varying length sentences, perplexity, and burstiness, offering a fun and informative experience for food lovers everywhere.

If you’re looking for the inside scoop on the best restaurants or recipes to try out at home, be sure to check out Rostì Pomigliano ®️ on Instagram today!

Followers: 17,740

Engagement rate: 6.09%

Avg. engagement: 1,081

2. Da Gigione Gourmand – @dagigionegourmand

Da Gigione Gourmand is an Instagram influencer from Pomigliano D’arco. Their username is dagigionegourmand, and they have 4,743 followers on Instagram.

On TikTok, they average 638,475 views per post, which is quite impressive. Despite that, their engagement rate is impressive, with an average of 257 engagements per post and a 5.42% engagement rate.

This suggests that they are a social media influencer who has a significant impact on their followers when it comes to restaurant, food, and grocery-related content. With all of these numbers, it’s clear that Da Gigione Gourmand is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the world of social media.

Followers: 4,743

Engagement rate: 5.42%

Avg. engagement: 257

3. Gianni D’amato Chef – @la_mia_passione_in_tavola__

Gianni D’amato Chef from Pomigliano D’arco is a prominent Instagram influencer in the food and grocery space. His username la_mia_passione_in_tavola__ has garnered a massive following of 5,138 (and counting) with a staggering 638475 average views per TikTok.

Gianni’s posts generate an average of 105 engagements, which amounts to an impressive 2.04% engagement rate for the type of content he creates. With his culinary expertise and passion for food, Gianni has become a go-to resource for those seeking inspiration for their next meal or grocery haul.

Follow him to stay up-to-date with his latest culinary adventures, and be sure to check out his stunning Instagram and TikTok posts that are sure to make your mouth water.

Followers: 5,138

Engagement rate: 2.04%

Avg. engagement: 105

Last words:

In conclusion, these three noteworthy restaurants, food, and grocery Instagram influencers in Pomigliano D’arco are the epitome of culinary excellence. They have elevated the food scene in the city and have made it their mission to showcase the diversity and richness of the local cuisine.

Through their creative and visually stunning content, they have managed to capture the hearts and palates of food enthusiasts worldwide.

From traditional recipes passed down through generations to modern creations that push the boundaries of flavor and presentation, these food influencers have it all.

They have managed to strike a perfect balance between tradition and innovation, making them the perfect ambassadors for the Pomigliano D’arco food culture.

Whether you are a local or a tourist, these restaurants and influencers are a must-visit for anyone seeking a gastronomic adventure.

So, if you’re looking for a culinary journey like no other, be sure to head down to Pomigliano D’arco and experience the magic firsthand.

In 2023 and beyond, we can only expect these Instagram influencers and restaurants to continue to push the boundaries of creativity, tantalize our taste buds, and inspire us to explore the culinary world further.

So, prepare yourselves for a journey of discovery and let these three culinary pioneers guide you through Pomigliano D’arco’s vibrant food scene.