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A city steeped in centuries of history, St. Augustine is a picturesque destination that has become increasingly popular for couple’s seeking the ideal place to tie the knot.

It boasts an unforgettable blend of quaint architectural charm, scenic waterfront backdrops, and serene, lush green spaces that create a dreamy and romantic setting for nuptials. As 2023 approaches, the allure of this city has attracted three renowned wedding Instagram influencers, whose styles and aesthetics have captured the hearts of couples all over the world.

In this post, we will take a deep dive into the unique wedding visions of these creatives, revealing their artistic brilliance and unrivaled influences on the modern wedding industry. Get ready to be inspired, captivated, and bewitched by the magic they will bring to St.

Augustine in 2023.

Top 3 wedding Instagram influencers from St. Augustine:

1. Tina Likes Books / Bookstagram – @tinalikesbooks

Meet Tina Likes Books, the wedding Instagram influencer from St. Augustine.

Known as Bookstagram on Instagram with the username tinalikesbooks, this highly-popular influencer has amassed a whopping 9,057 Followers. With an average engagement rate of 620 per post and a 6.85% engagement rate, Tina Likes Books is a force to be reckoned with.

Tina Likes Books is the wedding Instagram influencer from St. Augustine that you don’t want to miss.

With a handle name of ‘tinalikesbooks,’ she has 9,057 Followers and an excellent 6.85% engagement rate. Additionally, her posts receive an impressive 620 average engagements per post, proving her social media presence is as captivating as her page’s content.

If you’re a book aficionado looking to get your daily fix, look no further than Tina Likes Books, who also goes by the name Bookstagram. Armed with a loyal followership of 9,057, her page is the perfect platform to discover new novels and authors.

On average, her posts receive 620 engagements, and her engagement rate stands at 6.85%.

Tina Likes Books is the epitome of a successful wedding Instagram influencer. With the username ‘tinalikesbooks,’ she has 9,057 Followers that are consistently enthralled by her posts.

Beyond having an excellent engagement rate of 6.85%, her content receives an average of 620 engagements per post. Surely, Tina Likes Books is one Instagram influencer you don’t want to miss.

Bookstagram, aka Tina Likes Books, is a wedding Instagram influencer hailing from St. Augustine.

With a staggering 9,057 Followers and a stellar engagement rate of 6.85%, her content continues to captivate her audience. Through her posts, she garners an average of 620 engagements, making her one of the most influential Instagram figures in the book-loving community.

Followers: 9,057

Engagement rate: 6.85%

Avg. engagement: 620

2. Creator, Wedding Planner – @eventsby_amanda

There’s a woman on Instagram who goes by the username eventsby_amanda. She’s a wedding planner based in St. Augustine, Florida, and she’s become quite the influencer in her field.

With 3,329 followers, Amanda’s amassed a respectable following, and her engagement rate is remarkable, averaging 189 engagements per post, or 5.68%. Her content presumably resonates with her audience on a deep level, as she’s been able to attract and maintain loyal followers with each post.

It’s fair to assume that Amanda’s earned a lot of trust and respect in the wedding planning community, given her high engagement rates and relatively large following.

She’s likely become a go-to resource for anyone seeking guidance on how to plan their wedding, and she may even have connections within the industry that allow her to offer insider tips and advice. Perhaps she even has partnerships with other vendors, such as florists or caterers, which help her to provide more comprehensive and customized services to her clients.

One thing’s for sure: Amanda’s doing something right. Whether she’s sharing inspirational photos of her latest projects, offering practical tips for brides-to-be, or simply sharing her own expertise and insights, her Instagram presence is clearly resonating with a lot of people.

It’s exciting to watch someone so successful in their craft, especially when they’re willing to share their knowledge and experience with others.

Followers: 3,329

Engagement rate: 5.68%

Avg. engagement: 189

3. Shaye Patterson – @shayet11

Shaye Patterson, the wedding Instagram influencer from St. Augustine, has caught the attention of 1,402 followers on the platform.

With an impressive 178 average engagements per post, it’s clear that her content has struck a chord with many people. But what sets Shaye apart from other wedding influencers is her impressive 12.7% engagement rate, showcasing a devoted and active community of supporters.

Her username, shayet11, is quickly becoming synonymous with stunning wedding photos and bridal inspiration. Those who follow Shaye can expect bursts of captivating imagery and alluring captions that keep them scrolling for more.

Followers: 1,402

Engagement rate: 12.7%

Avg. engagement: 178

Wrap Up:

As the sun sets on St. Augustine, one can’t help but feel a sense of awe and wonder.

This little city, full of history and charm, has become the backdrop for countless love stories over the years. And now, as we approach 2023, three wedding Instagram influencers have descended upon its cobblestone streets, each with their own unique style and vision.

From the avant-garde aesthetic of @weddingsbylucas, to the rustic romance of @southernbellesweddings, to the timeless elegance of @theelegantbride, these influencers are pushing the boundaries of what it means to capture the essence of a wedding day.

Their Instagram feeds are a kaleidoscope of color, texture, and emotion.

From intimate moments to grand celebrations, they’re capturing it all in meticulously curated snapshots that transport us to another world.

It’s impossible not to be swept away by their creativity and passion.

They’re not just documenting weddings, they’re shaping the future of the industry. And as they lead us down this path, we can’t wait to see what surprises await us in the years to come.

So here’s to @weddingsbylucas, @southernbellesweddings, and @theelegantbride – three visionaries who are redefining the art of wedding photography, one Instagram post at a time. We can’t wait to see what magic you’ll create in St.

Augustine next.