Discover the top 3 Newport wedding influencers to follow on Instagram in 2023 – IMAI

As social media continues to dominate our daily lives, it’s no surprise that wedding planning has become heavily influenced by online platforms such as Instagram. In Newport, Rhode Island, three influencers have emerged as the top tastemakers in the world of weddings.

With their flair for fashion, design, and exceptional attention to detail, these influencers have captured the hearts, minds, and Instagram feeds of brides-to-be in search of inspiration for their big day. From jaw-dropping ceremony setups to dreamy receptions, these trendsetters are putting Newport on the map as a top wedding destination.

Are you curious to know who made the list? Keep reading to discover the three top wedding Instagram influencers of Newport in 2023.

Top 3 wedding Instagram influencers from Newport:

1. Move Mountains Co – @movemountainsco

Move Mountains Co is one of Newport’s most prominent wedding Instagram influencers. With an impressive following of 14,033, they are a popular choice for soon-to-be-married couples who are searching for inspiration online.

Additionally, Move Mountains Co has an average of 151054 views per TikTok post and an engagement rate of 2.42% on Instagram, which is a testament to the dedication and hard work they put in to create captivating content. Furthermore, with an average of 340 engagements per post, Move Mountains Co is not only popular but also proficient at keeping their audience engaged.

Their Instagram handle, @movemountainsco, has become synonymous with exceptional wedding photography, and they are quickly becoming one of the most influential voices in the wedding industry. Whether you’re hoping to find inspiration or just love gorgeous wedding photography, be sure to give them a follow!

Followers: 14,033

Engagement rate: 2.42%

Avg. engagement: 340

2. Joe Laurin – @joseph_laurin

Meet Joseph Laurin, a Newport-based Instagram influencer with over 7,481 followers and 151054 average views per TikTok. With his Instagram handle, joseph_laurin, Joseph has gained an excellent reputation in the wedding industry, making him the go-to influencer for all types of bridal fashion, makeup, and decor.

To stay ahead in the influencer game, Joseph is always on the lookout for inspiration, collaborating with top wedding vendors and designers to create engaging content that resonates with his followers.

With an average engagement rate of 3.21% and 240 average engagements per post, it’s clear that Joseph’s followers are hooked on his content. As an influencer, Joseph brings a unique perspective to the table, sharing his thoughts and experiences on all things wedding-related.

And with his keen eye for detail, attention to aesthetics, and an innate sense of style, it’s no wonder that Joseph has gained a following of loyal fans who look to him for advice and inspiration. So if you’re looking for some fresh ideas to spice up your wedding planning, make sure to follow joseph_laurin on Instagram!

Followers: 7,481

Engagement rate: 3.21%

Avg. engagement: 240

3. Newport Wedding Photographer – @colimichaelphotography

Meet the sensational wedding Instagram influencer in Newport whose dazzling photography skills will blow your mind. Introducing Newport Wedding Photographer, who goes by the username colimichaelphotography on Instagram, and currently boasts of 6,458 followers. Amazingly, they also have 151054 average views per TikTok, which is quite impressive.

This photogenic Instagram influencer is passionate about capturing beautiful moments that would last a lifetime. In fact, their wedding photography expertise is so profound that they have gained a massive following on social media.

Their charming Instagram page is filled with countless stunning pictures from weddings they’ve captured, which have effortlessly earned them an average engagement rate of 3.38% and an average of 218 engagements per post. Such level of engagement is quite rare and indicative of the high caliber of content that Newport Wedding Photographer provides to their followers.

It’s no wonder that Newport Wedding Photographer is quite popular among couples planning their special day.

They set themselves apart from others by capturing every beautiful moment, from the exchange of vows to the cutting of the cake, in a unique and beautiful way.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a reputable wedding photographer in Newport who would capture every precious moment of your special day with a touch of elegance, then Newport Wedding Photographer is your go-to choice.

Their extensive experience in the field and stunning portfolio will surpass your expectations.

Followers: 6,458

Engagement rate: 3.38%

Avg. engagement: 218

Last But Not Least:

And with that, we come to the end of our journey through the top wedding Instagram influencers of Newport in 2023. It’s been a wild ride, full of excitement and surprises.

From the glamorous destinations to the stunning wedding dresses, it’s clear that these influencers have mastered the art of capturing the perfect wedding moment. Each one has their own unique style and aesthetic, but all three share a passion for creating unforgettable memories that couples will cherish for a lifetime.

Whether you’re a bride-to-be, a wedding planner, or just an avid follower of the latest Instagram trends, these influencers have something to offer. They’ve worked hard to build their followings and earn the respect of the wedding industry, and their hard work has paid off in spades.

So take a moment to follow these incredible influencers and see what they have in store for 2023. Who knows what amazing content they’ll be creating next? There’s only one way to find out – so get scrolling and let the wedding inspiration flow.