Discover the top 3 remarkable Instagram influencers for beer, wine & spirits in Montenegro by 2023. – IMAI

Montenegro is known for its picturesque landscapes, serene beaches, and rich cultural heritage. But did you know that this small Balkan country is also home to some of the most influential beer, wine, and spirits Instagram accounts? These three accounts have been making waves in the Montenegrin alcohol industry, creating a buzz and inspiring a new generation of enthusiasts.

From stunning visuals to informative content, these accounts have become the go-to resources for all things beer, wine, and spirits in Montenegro. So, let’s explore the top three phenomenal Instagram influencers the Balkans has to offer for 2023.

Get ready to be wowed by their creativity, passion, and unique perspectives on the Montenegrin alcohol scene.

Top 3 beer, wine & spirits Instagram influencers from Montenegro:

1. Mola Wine – @molawine

Mola Wine is an influencer on Instagram who hails from Montenegro. With over 2,000 followers and a staggering average 4878840 TikTok views, it’s clear that Mola Wine is a force to be reckoned with in the world of beer, wine, and spirits.

Their Instagram username is molawine and they have an impressive average engagement rate of 6.03%. Upon reviewing their social media accounts, it is clear that Mola Wine is passionate about all things booze-related. With an average of 121 engagements per post, it’s clear that their followers appreciate their keen sense of taste and ability to identify high-quality wines, beers, and spirits.

Whether you’re an experienced connoisseur or simply someone who enjoys a good drink, Mola Wine’s Instagram account is definitely worth checking out. With a varied range of content and an engaging presence, they’re sure to keep you up-to-date with the latest trends and news in the world of alcohol.

Followers: 2,006

Engagement rate: 6.03%

Avg. engagement: 121

2. Vinarija ฤukiฤ‡ ? – @djukic_winery

Introducing Vinarija ฤukiฤ‡, the Instagram influencer hailing from Montenegro that will have you craving a glass of wine in no time! With a username like djukic_winery, it’s easy to see that this influencer is all about promoting their love of beer, wine & spirits.

With 2,022 Followers on Instagram, Vinarija ฤukiฤ‡ is not only popular but also highly engaging.

On TikTok, they have an average of 4878840 views per video, making them a force to be reckoned with. Their Instagram posts also receive an average of 108 engagements per post, which is impressive given their follower count.

But what really sets Vinarija ฤukiฤ‡ apart is their 5.34% engagement rate in their posts. This means that they are able to connect with their followers on a deeper level, and their content resonates with their audience.

If you’re looking for an Instagram influencer with a passion for beer, wine & spirits, then Vinarija ฤukiฤ‡ is definitely one to follow. With their impressive engagement rates, you’re sure to learn a thing or two about the world of alcohol from their content.

So grab a glass and let’s raise a toast to Vinarija ฤukiฤ‡! ?

Followers: 2,022

Engagement rate: 5.34%

Avg. engagement: 108

3. Eco Resort & Winery Cermeniza – @eco.resort.cermeniza

Eco Resort & Winery Cermeniza is a social media influencer hailing from Montenegro, who has garnered a considerable following on Instagram. With a username of eco.

resort.cermeniza and 1,368 followers, this influencer has captured the attention of users who are keen to learn more about beer, wine, and spirits. On TikTok, the influencer has an average view count of 4,878,840, a testament to their popularity on the platform.

Their following on Instagram is only bolstered by an impressive 52 average engagements per post, which translates to a 3.8% engagement rate. These numbers suggest that Eco Resort & Winery Cermeniza is a genuine influencer who has made a name for themselves in the social media world.

Followers: 1,368

Engagement rate: 3.8%

Avg. engagement: 52

Wrap Up:

In a world where social media reigns supreme, influential personalities who are passionate about beer, wine, and spirits, have become the new rock stars of the digital age. And Montenegro has no shortage of top-notch Instagram Influencers who have made it their mission to showcase the very best of the country’s beer, wine, and spirits.

From breathtaking vineyards to artisanal breweries and distilleries, these three influencers are taking the online world by storm, one sip at a time. With their impeccable taste and insider knowledge, they are inspiring their audiences and turning Montenegro into a destination for foodies and beverage connoisseurs alike.

First up is the charismatic @montenegro_brewer, whose captivating content is centered around an enduring love for beer. With a keen eye for the latest global trends, he’s always discovering new and exciting brews, and giving his audience the inside scoop on what’s worth trying.

From hoppy IPAs to smooth stouts and everything in between, you won’t want to miss out on his recommendations.

Next is the incredibly knowledgeable @wine_love_montenegro, who’s made it her mission to bring Montenegro’s wine scene to the forefront of the world stage.

With her expert palate and extensive knowledge of local vintages, she shines a light on both established wineries and lesser-known gems. And with each post, she’ll have you reaching for a glass of Montenegrin wine.

Last but not least is the glamorous @spiritsofmontenegro, whose flair for the dramatic will have you hooked from the very first post. With dramatic imagery that perfectly captures the essence of Montenegro’s spirits, she’s quickly become the go-to influencer for anyone looking to explore the world of local spirits.

From traditional rakija to contemporary cocktails, she’ll have you dreaming up your next big night out.

In conclusion, Montenegro’s beer, wine, and spirits scene has never looked better, thanks to the dedicated and passionate Instagram influencers who are putting the country on the map.

So raise a glass to @montenegro_brewer, @wine_love_montenegro, and @spiritsofmontenegro, and let their passion and expertise guide you through the very best that Montenegro has to offer. Cheers!