Discover the top 3 Schagen Instagram influencers in dining, food & grocery for 2023 – IMAI

As the digital age gathers momentum, social media platforms are fast becoming one of the most influential channels for food and grocery businesses to reach out to their target audience. In recent years, Instagram has emerged as the go-to platform for cafes, restaurants, and grocery stores to showcase their scrumptious dishes, quality ingredients, and other culinary delights.

Against this backdrop, it’s important for us to take stock of the latest food and grocery Instagram influencers who are setting the trend in Schagen, a municipality located in the north of the Netherlands. In this blog post, we’re going to take a closer look at three restaurants that have taken the Instagram world by storm, thanks to their innovative dishes, cutting-edge culinary techniques, and expertly-curated feeds.

From the mouth-watering fusion tacos at the “Taqueria Schagen” to the health-conscious vegan burgers at “Veggie Nation,” and the farm-to-table fresh meals at “Schagen Harvest,” we’ll be highlighting the unique selling proposition of each of these restaurants, and their Instagram feeds that will give you plenty of gastronomic inspiration.

So, if you’re looking for some expert recommendations on where to go in Schagen next time you’re craving good food and a great Instagram shot, look no further than this blog post.

Indeed, we are confident that by the time you finish reading this, you’ll have a better understanding and appreciation of the top 3 trending restaurants in Schagen, food & grocery Instagram influencers of 2023!

Top 3 restaurants, food & grocery Instagram influencers from Schagen:

1. Brigitte Lifestyle – @brigitte_lifestyle

Brigitte Lifestyle is a Schagen-based Instagram influencer who has gained quite the following on the app. She goes by the username brigitte_lifestyle and has 5,995 dedicated followers who eagerly await her posts about anything and everything related to restaurants, food, and grocery.

If you check out her account, you’ll notice that her videos have an average of 740,629 views per post, which is undoubtedly impressive. But what’s even more remarkable is that she also averages around 720 engagements per post.

That’s a lot of comments and likes, which indicates that her followers are quite engaged with her content.

On top of all that, her engagement rate is a whopping 12.01%. That means that out of all the people who view her posts, over 12% of them are actively engaging with her content.

Clearly, Brigitte knows how to create compelling and attention-grabbing Instagram posts that resonate with her followers.

All of these stats paint a picture of an influencer who’s incredibly skilled at building her brand and connecting with her audience. If you’re someone who loves food and is always on the lookout for new restaurant recommendations or grocery store finds, then Brigitte Lifestyle’s Instagram account is definitely worth checking out.

Followers: 5,995

Engagement rate: 12.01%

Avg. engagement: 720

2. Restaurant TOV – @restauranttov

Restaurant TOV is a popular Instagram influencer based in Schagen who specializes in showcasing delectable food and grocery items. With over 2,400 followers, their account has garnered an impressive following.

Their average video views per video going up to almost 741,000 speaks volumes about the quality of the content they share. Restaurant TOV has a noteworthy engagement rate of 4.57%, which is a testament to the quality and relevance of their posts.

With an average of 110 engagements per post, it’s no wonder they have amassed such a loyal fanbase. In short, if you’re looking for insight on the latest restaurants, food, and grocery trends in Schagen, Restaurant TOV is the perfect account to follow.

Followers: 2,409

Engagement rate: 4.57%

Avg. engagement: 110

3. WOEST – @strandrestaurantwoest

Strandrestaurantwoest is a highly influential Instagram account based in Schagen, that showcases a diverse range of restaurants, food & grocery items. With over 3,055 followers, the account has an impressive 740629 average views per video and garners an average of 87 engagements per post, boasting a solid 2.85% engagement rate. WOEST, the mastermind behind the account, is a veritable tastemaker in the world of food, sharing mouthwatering images and videos that are sure to make anyone’s stomach rumble.

From the latest dining trends and innovative recipes, to regional specialties and unique ingredients, WOEST has it all covered. Whether you’re a seasoned foodie looking for inspiration, or simply love exploring new culinary delights, this Instagram account is definitely worth checking out.

So, what are you waiting for? Follow Strandrestaurantwoest now and start discovering the best in food and dining!

Followers: 3,055

Engagement rate: 2.85%

Avg. engagement: 87


In Schagen of 2023, food and grocery Instagram influencers have taken over the dining scene. They’ve found a way to infuse our plates with elegance, passion, creativity, and style, all in the name of good food.

Whether it’s the eclectic blend of flavors and aromas at the up-and-coming gastropub or the classic Mediterranean cuisine of the authentic bistro, these three trending restaurants have tickled the taste buds and enthralled the senses of many.

These Instagram influencers are more than just foodies with pretty pictures.

They’ve become the trendsetters of the culinary world, introducing us to new dishes, creative plating techniques, and inventive recipes. From sweet treats to savory delights, they infuse their Instagram feeds with mouth-watering delights that have won the hearts of millions.

But behind every plate, every ingredient, and every photo lies a story. It’s the story of the chef who dreams up the perfect recipe, the farmer who hand-picks the ingredients, and the influencer who showcases all of this on social media.

Together, they create a world of culinary bliss that transports us to another place and time.

As we close the book on this chapter of Schagen’s dining scene, the future looks bright.

With these three trending restaurants and Instagram influencers leading the way, we can’t wait to see what’s next in store for our taste buds. So, let’s raise a glass (or fork) to these culinary pioneers and toast to a future of delicious dining experiences!