Discover the top 3 shopping & retail influencers on Instagram capturing Niagara Falls in 2023 – IMAI

Are you looking to up your shopping game? Needing some inspiration to find those perfect retail outfits? Look no further because Instagram influencers have you covered! And among the most visually stunning destinations to shop, Niagara Falls stands out above the rest. The famous falls already draw in millions of visitors each year, making the area the perfect platform for influencers to showcase their fashion styles.

To help you maneuver the Niagara shopping scene, weโ€™ve compiled a list of the three best shopping and retail influencers to follow in 2023. From high fashion to affordable trends, these social media experts have got you covered.

Get ready to add some chic Niagara-inspired pieces to your wardrobe with our guide to the top shopping influencers.

Top 3 shopping & retail Instagram influencers from Niagara Falls:

1. ????? – @lovedecorandmore8

????? is an Instagram influencer from Niagara Falls who goes by the username lovedecorandmore8. With 2,997 followers, she has garnered an impressive 11,169 average views per TikTok post.

Her Instagram posts have an average engagement rate of 7.27%, with an average of 218 engagements per post.

?????’s Instagram page is the one-stop-shop for all your shopping needs. From clothes to home decor, she showcases a wide range of products that are available for purchase.

Her posts vary in length, ranging from short descriptions to in-depth reviews.

?????’s unique style and eye for detail have made her a popular Instagram influencer. Her content is both informative and entertaining, with a varied mix of colorful visuals and informative captions.

If you’re looking for shopping inspiration, current trends, or just some creative inspiration, follow ????? today. She is truly a one-of-a-kind influencer who has the power to transform your shopping experience.

Followers: 2,997

Engagement rate: 7.27%

Avg. engagement: 218

2. Eleven Eleven~Niagara Region – @eleven.eleven.m.b.s.niagara

Eleven Eleven~Niagara Region is a popular Instagram influencer based in Niagara Falls who is carving quite a niche in the shopping and retail world. With their unique perspective and insights into fashion trends and must-have items, they have amassed a following of 2,413 users who look to them for advice on shopping and lifestyle topics.

Their username, eleven.eleven.m.b.s.niagara, is well-known within the Instagram community and has helped them build a reputation for being an authoritative source of shopping and retail advice.

Furthermore, their TikTok videos are quite popular, garnering an impressive average view count of 11,169.

Eleven Eleven~Niagara Region’s posts are also quite engaging, with an average of 136 engagements per post, and the engagement rate of their posts is an impressive 5.64%. They seem to have a knack for capturing the attention of their followers, and with their innovative and creative approach to shopping and retail, it’s no surprise that so many people are drawn to them.

Whether you’re a devoted follower of Eleven Eleven~Niagara Region or you’re simply interested in learning more about the latest trends and must-have items in the shopping and retail world, this Instagram influencer has much to offer. With their unique perspective and wealth of knowledge, Eleven Eleven~Niagara Region is a must-follow for anyone interested in the world of shopping and retail.

Followers: 2,413

Engagement rate: 5.64%

Avg. engagement: 136

3. Jen | Jennifer Beaudry Design – @jenniferbeaudrydesign

Jen, the shopping and retail Instagram influencer based in Niagara Falls, is quite popular with 2,526 followers and an average of 11,169 views per TikTok. Going by the username jenniferbeaudrydesign, her posts have an average of 98 engagements with an engagement rate of 3.88%.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next shopping spree, look no further than Jennifer Beaudry Design.

Her Instagram posts are overflowing with trendy styles and offer valuable tips on how to elevate any outfit. With an average of 98 engagements per post, she’s evidently an influencer whose sense of style has caught the attention of many.

Hailing from Niagara Falls, Jen is a social media influencer with an impressive following of 2,526 on Instagram. With an average of 11,169 views per TikTok, it’s safe to say that she’s found her niche in the retail and shopping industry.

Her posts boast an engagement rate of 3.88%, which is a clear testament to the influence she wields on her followers.

Jennifer Beaudry Design has carved her place in the world of Instagram influencers, and her numbers speak for themselves. With 2,526 followers, an average of 11,169 views per TikTok, and 98 average engagements per post, she’s made her mark on the industry.

It’s evident that her followers love her style and a 3.88% engagement rate proves that. If you’re looking for shopping and retail advice, you’d do well to check out her Instagram page.

Followers: 2,526

Engagement rate: 3.88%

Avg. engagement: 98

In Short:

In conclusion, Niagara Falls is not only a top-notch tourist destination but also one of the premier shopping hubs in North America. Whether you are a local resident or visiting this majestic region, we hope our list of the top 3 shopping and retail Instagram influencers for 2023 will help enhance your shopping experience in Niagara Falls.

From fashion-forward outfits to artisanal crafts, these influencers know how to make the most of the region’s diverse retail scene on Instagram, inspiring and entertaining their followers along the way. So, the next time you plan a shopping spree in Niagara Falls, keep these top influencers in mind and get ready to embark on an exciting journey towards retail nirvana.

Happy shopping!