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Beneath the azure sky and the sunbeams that glittered across the cerulean sea, a beautiful city basked in its glory. Concarneau, a quaint harbor town in Brittany, is known for its picturesque coastline, historic fish market, and stunning landscapes that have captivated travelers for centuries.

From leisurely walks along the walled town to indulging in gastronomical delights, Concarneau has something for everyone. And to experience this utopia, you need not look further than your Instagram feed.

For travel enthusiasts, Instagram has become more than just a platform to share their personal experiences. It has given rise to a plethora of influencers who inspire others to explore the unexplored and discover the unchartered territories.

In this blog post, we bring to you the top three travel, tourism, and aviation influencers who will be descending to Concarneau in 2023, to show the world the hidden gems of this beautiful city, and entice you to pack your bags and embark on an unforgettable journey.

With millions of followers, a unique eye for capturing breath-taking visuals, and insider knowledge of the travel industry, these three influencers have redefined the travel culture and are here to provide an experience that will leave you spellbound.

With their photos, videos, and stories, they will take you on a virtual tour of Concarneau, showcasing its rich history, culture, and attractions that will leave you awe-inspired.

So, get ready to dive into the world of Concarneau and let these travel influencers take you on a journey you will cherish for a lifetime.

The trip is about to begin, and the excitement is palpable. Follow along to experience the magic that Concarneau, Brittany, and these influencers have to offer.

Top 3 travel, tourism & aviation Instagram influencers from Concarneau:

1. Bretagne Destination Paradis – @bretagne.destinationparadis

Bretagne Destination Paradis is a travel, tourism & aviation Instagram influencer from Concarneau with an impressive following of 26,936. With their username bretagne.

destinationparadis, they provide their followers with an endless source of inspiration for their travel destination. Their TikTok account has an average view of 151054, and their posts have an average of 1,391 engagements, with a remarkable engagement rate of 5.16%.

Whether you’re seeking to explore breathtaking landscapes, taste delicious cuisines or immerse yourself in new cultures, Bretagne Destination Paradis is the perfect Instagram influencer to follow.

With their expert travel tips and recommendations, they are an exceptional source of inspiration for anyone looking to embark on a new adventure.

Their Instagram page features stunning photographs and videos from all around the world, showcasing various sights and sounds that encapsulate the beauty of different countries.

Moreover, they also share captivating stories of their travel experiences, making it possible to live vicariously through their adventures.

If you’re curious about exploring the world and have been undecided about where to go, following Bretagne Destination Paradis is a great way to kick off your travel journey.

So, what are you waiting for? Give them a follow and discover your next travel destination today!

Followers: 26,936

Engagement rate: 5.16%

Avg. engagement: 1,391

2. Ronan – @bas_breton29

Ronan, the highly influential travel, tourism and aviation Instagram persona, hailing from the picturesque French town of Concarneau, has amassed an impressive following of 10,353 followers on his Instagram handle – bas_breton29. With a substantial 151054 average views per TikTok, Ronan’s content strategy and delivery are beyond impressive, and his followers are in awe of the scenic beauty and cultural richness of his travel stories.

Ronan continues to captivate his audience with intriguing, eye-catching travel content that tells stories of exotic locations and heartwarming experiences to his followers. His posts generate an average of 1,387 engagements, and his audience’s engagement rate is hovering high at 13.4%, which speaks volumes about his widespread appeal.

As an influencer in the travel and tourism industry, Ronan has an extraordinary talent for presenting his travel escapades in a visually stunning and engaging manner, catering to a global audience seeking a slice of wanderlust.

His social media presence has allowed him to share the beauty and diversity of the world with others, inspiring travel enthusiasts worldwide. With his exceptional content creation skills and an audience that grows by the day, Ronan is undoubtedly one influencer to watch out for.

Followers: 10,353

Engagement rate: 13.4%

Avg. engagement: 1,387

3. Juliette• • • – @juliettaaa____

Juliette• • • is a rising Instagram influencer hailing from Concarneau, a beautiful coastal town in France. With over 1,353 followers and an average of 151,054 views per post on TikTok, she has slowly become a trusted source of inspiration for avid travelers, tourism enthusiasts, and aviation aficionados alike.

As one of the most followed Instagram influencers in the travel industry, Juliette• • • has mastered the art of capturing breathtaking moments during her travels. Her Instagram feed is a wonderful curation of stunning landscapes, exotic hotels, and exciting adventures around the world.

Her impressive 39.49% engagement rate on Instagram is a testament to the quality of her content and the esteem it inspires in her followers. Her posts, ranging from picturesque travel photos to explorations of different cultures, are highly relatable and inspire wanderlust in even the most unassuming travelers.

Juliette• • •’s greatest appeal is her authenticity and down-to-earth charisma.

Her TikTok and Instagram accounts are full of amusing and entertaining videos that showcase her love for travel.

Without a doubt, Juliette• • • is a force to be reckoned with in the world of Instagram influencers, and her followers eagerly await her next adventure.

Followers: 1,353

Engagement rate: 29.49%

Avg. engagement: 399

Closing Remarks:

In the end, it’s the memories that stay with us long after we’ve left a place. And in Concarneau, we were lucky enough to connect with three travel, tourism, and aviation Instagram influencers who made the experience all the more unforgettable.

From the breathtaking aerial views of the coast to the quaint French villages filled with culture and history, their posts elevated the sense of wanderlust with each scroll.

As we bid adieu to Concarneau, we can’t help but be grateful for the magic these influencers brought to our trip.

Their picturesque posts and stories transported us to new heights, and we’re left still reeling from the awe-inspiring moments they captured. We’ll continue to follow them tirelessly as they venture to other corners of the world, ready to learn more about the unique parts of the globe they explore.

Until our paths cross with theirs again, we’ll hold onto the memories — the sunsets, the laughter, the moments of pure wonder — that we shared thanks to these three remarkable people. And for anyone planning a future trip to Concarneau, we highly recommend following their Instagrams for a glimpse into the indescribable beauty this enchanting place has to offer.

Thank you, Concarneau, for an unforgettable adventure, and thank you to these inspiring influencers for the memories that will live on forever.