Discover the Top 3 Wedding Influencers Creating Engaging Content on Instagram in Kazan for 2023 – IMAI

Are you looking for some wedding inspiration for your upcoming nuptials in Kazan? Look no further because we’ve gathered the top three most engaging wedding Instagram influencers that are sure to give you some delightful ideas for your big day. These influencers share stunning photos, trendy styles, and unique wedding ideas that will keep you scrolling through their Instagram accounts for hours.

Whether you’re in need of some dress inspo, wedding decor ideas, or even travel suggestions for your honeymoon, these influencers have got you covered. Get ready to take notes as we introduce you to the most captivating wedding Instagram influencers Kazan has to offer for 2023.

Top 3 wedding Instagram influencers from Kazan:

1. Ella – @ellaveder

Meet Ella, the Instagram influencer from Kazan with the username ellaveder. With 1,966 followers, she’s definitely doing something right. And on TikTok, she’s getting an average of 1881 views per post – not bad! Plus, with an average of 120 engagements per post, it’s clear that her content is resonating with her audience.

But what’s really impressive is her engagement rate – sitting at a solid 6.1%, it’s clear that Ella knows how to create content that her followers want to engage with. And with her focus on weddings, it’s likely that she’s helping many couples plan their special day.

Keep an eye on Ella and her influencer career – it’s clear that she’s on the rise!

Followers: 1,966

Engagement rate: 6.1%

Avg. engagement: 120

2. ANASTASIA WEDDING AGENCY – @anastasia_wedding

ANASTASIA WEDDING AGENCY is a wedding Instagram influencer hailing from Kazan with an impressive following of 2,555 followers. With a whopping 1881 average views per TikTok and 2.07% engagement rate in their posts, it’s clear that this influencer knows how to capture their audience’s attention. Through an impressive 53 average engagements per post, ANASTASIA WEDDING AGENCY is undoubtedly a rising star in the crowded world of wedding influencers.

With an Instagram handle of anastasia_wedding, followers can expect to be wowed by this Kazan native’s out-of-the-box ideas when it comes to weddings.

Followers: 2,555

Engagement rate: 2.07%

Avg. engagement: 53

3. 小袙袗袛袝袘袧蝎袝 袗袣小袝小小校袗袪蝎 袣袗袟袗袧鞋 – @wedding_ding

小袙袗袛袝袘袧蝎袝 袗袣小袝小小校袗袪蝎 袣袗袟袗袧鞋 or commonly known as wedding_ding is a popular Instagram influencer hailing from the beautiful city of Kazan. With 1,040 followers and an average view of 1881 per TikTok, wedding_ding has managed to create quite a buzz in the online world.

Their posts have an average engagement rate of 2.88% which is a testament to their popularity.

If you’re someone who is looking for inspiration when it comes to wedding accessories, then wedding_ding might be the perfect influencer for you.

With a wide selection of accessories and styles available, they have everything a bride and groom could need for their special day.

It’s no surprise that wedding_ding has gained a considerable following online.

With an average engagement rate of 2.88%, it’s apparent that their followers appreciate the content that they put out regularly. Wedding_ding also has a healthy average of 30 engagements per post, indicating that their followers love to engage with their content.

Overall, wedding_ding is a fantastic influencer to follow if you’re looking for wedding inspiration. With an impressive following and an engaged audience, they are sure to give you plenty of ideas for your special day.

Followers: 1,040

Engagement rate: 2.88%

Avg. engagement: 30

Finishing Up:

As the sun sets on Kazan’s picturesque venues,
We take a moment to reflect on the blissful hues,
Of the most engaging wedding influencers to follow,
Who’ve captivated our hearts with their style and gusto.

With thousands of followers and countless likes,
These Instagram stars have set new heights,
For wedding inspiration and creative ideas,
They’ve carved a niche, filled with joy and tears.

From rustic decor to modern-day chic,
Their feed is a playground of love, a surreal retreat,
Where the bride and groom come to life,
In the frames of their lenses, amidst the rife.

Undoubtedly, Kazan holds a special place in their hearts,
As they capture those moments and play their parts,
Of making dreams come true with their storytelling,
And styling the perfect wedding that’s oh so endearing.

So here’s to the influencers who make weddings shine,
Who’ve captured our hearts, our souls, and our minds,
May you continue to inspire and elevate the craft,
And may Kazan remain your muse, forever and a day to last.