Discover the top 4 fitness and yoga influencers on Instagram from Bremen for 2023 – IMAI

Are you tired of scrolling through endless Instagram feeds, only to feel uninspired by the same old fitness models and yoga gurus? Well, get ready to shake up your online workout routine, because we’ve rounded up four of the most influential fitness and yoga Instagrammers hailing from the beautiful city of Bremen. These dynamic influencers are leading the charge in the fitness industry, and their carefully curated feeds are guaranteed to get your heart pumping and your mind expanding.

From cutting-edge workouts to mind-body practices, these Instagram influencers are bringing a fresh perspective to fitness and yoga in Bremen and beyond. So, without further ado, let’s meet the movers and shakers who are shaping the future of fitness in 2023.

Get ready to be inspired, challenged, and transformed!

Top 4 fitness & yoga Instagram influencers from Bremen:

1. KBK COACHING – @kbk.coaching

KBK COACHING is a fitness and yoga influencer from Bremen with a rapidly growing fan base. With a username of kbk.coaching and over 2,000 followers on Instagram, this influencer is a force to be reckoned with! Boasting an impressive average of 740,629 video views per post, KBK COACHING’s content is nothing short of captivating.

And with an impressive 991 average engagements per post and a jaw-dropping 44.86% engagement rate, it’s clear that this influencer has a loyal and dedicated following. So if you’re looking for fitness inspiration or yoga tips, KBK COACHING is the perfect resource for all your needs!

Followers: 2,209

Engagement rate: 44.86%

Avg. engagement: 991

2. Lina Schuchmann – @lina.schuchmann

Lina Schuchmann is a popular fitness and yoga influencer on Instagram hailing from Bremen. With her username as lina.schuchmann, she has successfully amassed an impressive following of 8,761 people on the social media platform.

It’s interesting to note that her videos receive an average view count of 740,629 from across the globe, doing so within a relatively short time.

Additionally, it’s fascinating to see how Lina has achieved an average engagement rate of 9.01% on her posts.

Her content is clearly resonating well with her followers, and this is also evidenced by an average of 789 engagements per post. As an influencer, Lina Schuchmann definitely lives up to her reputation and delivers quality content for her audience to follow and engage with.

It’s safe to say that Lina Schuchmann is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to fitness and lifestyle. The statistics don’t lie! With her hard work and dedication, she has managed to bring value to her followers through her remarkable videos and posts, providing inspiration and guidance to those looking to improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

She’s certainly an influencer worth following if you’re a fitness enthusiast or yogi seeking some healthy motivation.

Followers: 8,761

Engagement rate: 9.01%

Avg. engagement: 789

3. ???? ?? – @lenaxcvi

Lena is a fitness and yoga influencer hailing from Bremen who has captured the attention of over 5,772 followers on Instagram. Her handle, lenaxcvi, showcases her inspiring content that has a staggering 740629 average views per video.

Her posts are also well received with an average engagement rate of 11.12%. On average, her posts receive 642 engagements per post, which shows that her followers are not only watching her videos but actively engaging with her as well. Lena’s account is definitely one to watch, as her optimistic and motivational content continues to win over new fans.

Followers: 5,772

Engagement rate: 11.12%

Avg. engagement: 642

4. Frank Wellbrock – @roadrunner_frank

Frank Wellbrock, aka roadrunner_frank, is an Instagram influencer who hails from Bremen. With his impressive count of 12,496 followers, he has certainly made his mark in the health and fitness community online.

On top of that, he boasts an average of 740629 views per video as well as 629 average engagements per post. All of these metrics contribute to his impressive 5.03% engagement rate, which is no small feat in the world of social media.

Whether he’s leading a yoga class or sharing his personal workout routine, Frank has clearly built a loyal following that eagerly awaits every post. It’s easy to see why he’s such a popular and influential figure on Instagram!

Followers: 12,496

Engagement rate: 5.03%

Avg. engagement: 629

End Note:

As we bid adieu to this ode,
our hearts feel whole and more composed,
for we’ve journeyed far and wide,
and met four champions of health and stride.

From Bremen, they rise,
with their Instagram handles bright,
each one a marvel in their own right,
spreading love and wellness with all their might.

Eliza, she redefines balance,
with yoga that melts away our imbalances,
while Tim ignites the spirit with his energy and grace,
ushering us on to a healthier pace.

There’s also Sarah and her fierce grit,
a woman of steel, never willing to quit,
with a warrior’s stance and a heart of gold,
she inspires us all to be tenacious, bold and bold.

And last, but not least, is Laura,
a love guru whose teachings never falter,
with her posts and stories that heal and nurture,
and leave us forever empowered.

So as we bid them farewell,
we leave with newfound zeal and swells,
for these four fitness and yoga influencers of Bremen,
have shown us what it means to be champions, again and again.