Discover the Top 4 Jewellery & Watch TikTok Influencers from Niepołomice in 2023

As time changes, so do the trends and whatever is ‘in’ right now. Nowadays, fashion influencers are the biggest trendsetters.

TikTok is a platform where influencers share their trends and styles with the world. Niepołomice, a small city in Poland, is the new home of some of the top jewellery and watch influencers, who are taking the world of fashion by storm.

Read on to discover the top four TikTok influencers from Niepołomice in 2023 who are shaking up the jewellery and watch industry.

Top 4 jewellery & watches TikTok influencers from Niepołomice:

1. _pink_circle._ – @_pink_circle._

_pink_circle._ is a jewellery and watch TikTok influencer from Niepołomice, Poland.

They have a username of _pink_circle._ and receive an average of 2,073 views and 9,037 engagements per post. Their engagement rate is 48.96%, making their content highly successful.

Followers: 2,073

Engagement rate: 48.96%

Avg. engagement: 1,015

Avg. views: 9,037

2. watch_mywatches_ – @watch_mywatches_

Watch_mywatches_ is a jewellery & watches TikTok influencer from Niepołomice. With 1,114 and 51222 average views per TikTok and 2,454 average engagements per post, the influencer enjoys an impressive 220.29% engagement rate in their posts.

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Followers: 1,114

Engagement rate: 220.29%

Avg. engagement: 2,454

Avg. views: 51,222

3. martwa natura ze złotem – @martwanaturazezlotem

Martwa natura ze złotem is an influencer from Niepołomice on TikTok, who specializes in jewellery and watches. Each of their posts has an average of 8,639 views and 955 engagements, for an engagement rate of 11.05%. They have a loyal following of 9,100 followers and their videos are often highly engaging, showcasing their stylish jewellery and watches.

Followers: 8,639

Engagement rate: 11.05%

Avg. engagement: 955

Avg. views: 9,100

4. basiula ? – @thehottestjojofan

Basiula?, TikTok influencer from Niepołomice, is known for their stunning jewellery and watch content. With 2,234 and 1519 average views per TikTok and 287 average engagements per post, their engagement rate stands at 12.85%. Basiula’s username thehottestjojofan has become a popular destination for jewellery and watch connoisseurs looking for the latest trends.

Followers: 2,234

Engagement rate: 12.85%

Avg. engagement: 287

Avg. views: 1,519

Last words:

As we have seen from the rise of the Niepołomice watch and jewellery influencers on TikTok, this trend is here to stay! We have uncovered some incredible and inspiring influencers who have changed what it means to be a jewellery or watch influencer and have opened doors for the next generation of up and coming influencers. With their dedication and hard work, we can only hope that one day these inspiring influencers will be a beacon of inspiration for future generations.