Discover the top Asheville fitness and yoga Instagram influencers to follow in 2023 – IMAI

In the bustling and beautiful town of Asheville, North Carolina, the fitness and yoga community is thriving. And what better way to get your daily dose of inspiration than from the top fitness and yoga Instagram influencers of 2023? These trendsetters know how to break a sweat and strike a pose, all while embracing Asheville’s stunning scenery and community spirit.

Are you ready to meet the stars of the show? From heart-pumping workouts to soul-nurturing stretches, these three influencers have captured our attention and earned their spots in the spotlight. So grab your mat, lace up your sneakers, and let’s dive into the world of fitness and yoga with Asheville’s finest influencers.

Top 3 fitness & yoga Instagram influencers from Asheville:

1. โœจMelissaโœจ – @dashofmelrose

Meet Melissa, the fitness and yoga enthusiast from Asheville who has been dominating the world of social media with her active lifestyle and inspiring content. Known by her handle โœจdashofmelroseโœจ, Melissa has amassed a following of over 12,000 on Instagram alone.

On TikTok, she garners an average of 62,181 views per post, with her average engagement rate across all platforms at a staggering 3.8%. Her posts also see an average engagement rate of 469, proving her popularity and reach.

Melissa’s fitness journey is a testament to her discipline and dedication.

Her content is not only informative but also highly entertaining. From sharing her favorite workout routines to giving insights into her healthy and active lifestyle, Melissa is a true fitness guru.

Her success on social media is a clear indicator of the impact she has on her followers – motivating them to be more active, adopt a healthier lifestyle, and be their best self.

Whether you are just starting your fitness journey or are looking for new ways to stay active, Melissa’s content is the perfect place to start.

So, if you are looking to take charge of your fitness and live a more active lifestyle, be sure to follow โœจdashofmelroseโœจ on Instagram and TikTok.

Followers: 12,339

Engagement rate: 3.8%

Avg. engagement: 469

2. Jess Dexter – @jess_ifbbpro

Jess Dexter is a renowned Instagram influencer hailing from Asheville, North Carolina, who has built a massive following for her impressive fitness and yoga skills. As per records, Jess, who goes by the username jess_ifbbpro, has 16,178 followers on Instagram, and her TikTok videos get an average of 62181 views per post.

As someone who is passionate about health and wellness, Jess has inspired countless individuals to live a healthier lifestyle through her social media presence. Her posts and videos, which are well-received by her followers, garner an average engagement rate of 2.6%, with 421 average engagements per post.

It’s not surprising that Jess’s captivating content consistently inspires people to reach their fitness goals. Her unique approach to exercise and yoga, characterized by its authenticity, diversity, and passion, are what sets her apart from other fitness influencers. Jess Dexter is the real deal, and her impressive social media statistics speak volumes about her influence and impact on the fitness community.

Followers: 16,178

Engagement rate: 2.6%

Avg. engagement: 421

3. Micah Ellinger – @micahcrobat

Micah Ellinger, the Instagram influencer hailing from Asheville, boasts an impressive 2,886 followers on his platform. Known for his unique blend of fitness and yoga, Ellinger’s Instagram handle “micahcrobat” captures his awe-inspiring ability to contort his body in ways that seem almost inhuman.

Perhaps this is why he averages 62181 views per TikTok and 363 engagements per post; people just can’t get enough of his next-level flexibility. But it’s not just his physical abilities that have garnered attention.

Ellinger’s depth of knowledge about the mind-body connection is evident in every expertly crafted post, earning him an enviable 12.58% engagement rate. All in all, Micah Ellinger is a burgeoning star in the world of fitness influencers, and those who follow him are undoubtedly in for a treat.

Followers: 2,886

Engagement rate: 12.58%

Avg. engagement: 363

Final Thoughts:

Well, if you’ve made it this far, then we hope you’re feeling inspired to take your fitness journey to new heights! Thanks for taking the time to read about these three incredible influencers who are crushing it on Instagram and beyond.

From aerial acrobatics to hot yoga showdowns, Asheville is home to some of the most dedicated fitness and yoga enthusiasts out there.

These three influencers are leading the charge and pushing the limits of what’s possible in this vibrant and energetic city.

So whether you’re new to the fitness world or a seasoned pro, be sure to follow these amazing influencers and see what’s possible when you put your mind to it.

Who knows, you might just find your next workout obsession!

In the meantime, keep on pushing yourself, staying motivated, and taking care of your mind, body, and spirit. The journey to a healthier and happier you is just getting started, and there’s no better time to start than now.

So go out there and crush it!