Discover the top fitness and yoga Instagram influencers in Noumea for 2023 – IMAI

Are you tired of scrolling through meaningless posts on social media? Do you want to bring a positive change in your life and embark on a fitness journey? You’re in luck! We’ve found the top three fitness and yoga influencers on Instagram who are changing lives with their inspiring content. And guess what? They’re all based in the beautiful city of Nouméa! From powerful yoga flows to full-body workouts, these influencers have everything covered to get you motivated and feeling good.

Ready to meet the leading fitness and yoga stars who will elevate your wellness routine? Let’s dive in!

Top 3 fitness & yoga Instagram influencers from Nouméa:

1. Julie DC – @ju_delco

Julie DC, otherwise known by her Instagram handle as ju_delco, is a Nouméa-based Instagram influencer with over 1,771 followers. She is known for her expertise in fitness and yoga practices and has a significant following on her social media accounts.

Her TikTok videos, which average 188879 views per video, demonstrate her versatility in fitness and yoga routines.

Her Instagram account boasts an impressive 16.04% engagement rate, with an average of 284 engagements per post.

Julie DC has built her following by sharing her passion for fitness and yoga on a consistent basis. Her followers appreciate her unique take on fitness and the various poses she includes in her yoga routines.

It is evident that her dedication and hard work have paid off, as she continues to inspire others to pursue a healthier lifestyle.

Followers: 1,771

Engagement rate: 16.04%

Avg. engagement: 284

2. Kaf F’riine – @kafr_ine

Introducing Kaf F’riine, the Nouméa-based Instagram fitness and yoga influencer with the username kafr_ine. With 2,217 followers on Instagram, Kaf F’riine has garnered an impressive average of 188,879 views per TikTok. Her posts also draw some serious engagement, with an average of 197 engagements per post and an 8.89% engagement rate overall.

It’s no wonder fitness and yoga enthusiasts alike are drawn to Kaf F’riine’s account. Don’t miss out on the inspiring content this social media influencer has to offer.

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Followers: 2,217

Engagement rate: 8.89%

Avg. engagement: 197

3. Damien Evrat – @dam_ghetto_barz

Damien Evrat hails from Nouméa and has managed to create quite the following on Instagram with his fitness and yoga-focused content. With a username that might seem a little unconventional, dam_ghetto_barz has managed to amass over 1,401 followers who seem to appreciate his unique approach to health and wellness.

On TikTok, his popularity has soared with 188,879 average views, which is a testament to the widespread appeal of his brand. With an average of 153 engagements per post and an engagement rate of 10.92%, Evrat’s content is clearly resonating with his audience.

Despite his unconventional username, it’s clear that Evrat has found his groove in the world of wellness and fitness, making him an influencer to follow for anyone looking to get fit in a fun and engaging way.

Followers: 1,401

Engagement rate: 10.92%

Avg. engagement: 153

Last words:

In conclusion, as we journey through the ever-evolving world of fitness and wellness, we can’t help but be drawn to the power of social media and the impact it has on our lives. From the yoga mats of Nouméa to the screens of Instagram, we find ourselves searching for inspiration and motivation in all forms.

Our three leading fitness and yoga influencers have truly captured the essence of what it means to live a life of wellness and balance. From their captivating posts to their engaging stories, they have found a way to connect with their followers on a deep and personal level.

Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or just starting your fitness journey, these influencers have the power to ignite your passion and drive you forward. So, as we look towards the future of fitness and wellness in Nouméa and beyond, let’s continue to be inspired by these amazing individuals and all they have to offer.

Who knows what amazing things the future holds, but one thing is certain: these three influencers will be there to guide us every step of the way.