Discover the top fitness & yoga influencers to follow on Instagram in Viana do Castelo District for 2023 – IMAI

In a world where social media platforms dominate our everyday lives, fitness and yoga influencers are taking the game to a whole new level. In Portugal’s stunning northwestern district of Viana do Castelo, we have stumbled upon three extraordinary fitness and yoga stars who are revolutionizing the industry with their unique approach to fitness and wellness.

These influencers not only inspire their followers with their impressive workout routines but also enchant them with their healthy lifestyle and intriguing travel stories. Follow us as we take you through a journey of discovering exceptional fitness and yoga gurus in Viana do Castelo District in 2023, who are setting new standards for health and wellness enthusiasts everywhere.

Top 3 fitness & yoga Instagram influencers from Viana do Castelo District:

1. CrossFit Viana do Castelo – @crossfitviana

CrossFit Viana do Castelo is a popular fitness and yoga influencer based in the Viana do Castelo District. With a following of over 11,000 on Instagram and an impressive 4850 average views per TikTok, CrossFit Viana do Castelo is clearly making a name for themselves in the world of online fitness.

Their posts consistently receive an average of 222 engagements, resulting in a 2.01% engagement rate – a testament to their popularity among followers. From inspiring workout routines to healthy meal plans, CrossFit Viana do Castelo is a must-follow for anyone looking to improve their fitness game.

Followers: 11,046

Engagement rate: 2.01%

Avg. engagement: 222

2. ????????? ????? ????? ?????? – @adventure_ultra_trail_runner

Adventure Ultra Trail Runner is a well-known fitness and yoga influencer from Viana do Castelo District, who has gained significant traction on Instagram with a follower count of 3,485. The Instagram handle adventure_ultra_trail_runner is a window into her world where she shares her journey of fitness and yoga with her followers. With an average of 4850 views per TikTok, Adventure Ultra Trail Runner is a rising influencer in the health and wellness industry.

Moreover, each of her posts receives an average of 212 engagements, which results in an impressive post-engagement rate of 6.08%.

Followers: 3,485

Engagement rate: 6.08%

Avg. engagement: 212

3. EDV-Vianatrail – @edvvianatrail

EDV-Vianatrail, a fitness and yoga Instagram influencer based in the Viana do Castelo District, boasts a large following with a username of edvvianatrail, garnering 1,855 loyal followers who eagerly await her posts. With such a dedicated audience, it’s no wonder each of her TikTok videos receives an average of 4,850 views, indicating a strong viewership base.

Her frequent posts also seem to account for 63 average engagements, suggesting that her audience is not only responsive but also engaged. At a 3.4% engagement rate, one can only imagine the impact she has on her followers’ lives.

Followers: 1,855

Engagement rate: 3.4%

Avg. engagement: 63

End Note:

As the sun sets on Viana do Castelo,
So too do our hearts find rest and peace,
Inspired by the Instagram feeds,
Of our three fitness and yoga elites.

They move with grace and strength in every pose,
And challenge us to push beyond our goals,
Their dedication and discipline a sight to behold,
Their charisma and charm, oh so bold.

From the mountains to the beach,
Their profiles, a window to their soul,
We can’t help but be amazed,
By the lessons that they bestow.

They are the true definition of excellence,
A mirror of our deepest desires,
To live healthy and free,
To strive for more and never tire.

Thank you for the inspiration,
Thank you for the sweat and tears,
Thank you for reminding us,
That our dreams are forever near.

As the stars twinkle in the night,
We bid farewell to our Instagram delights,
But know that we will always stay connected,
To the power of fitness and yoga, truly intersected.