Discover the top Instagram influencers for fashion and accessories in Łuków for 2023 – IMAI

There’s no denying that the world has become increasingly reliant on Instagram. As we move further into 2023, we see more and more people finding inspiration and following trends on their Instagram feeds.

From fashion to beauty, Instagram influencers have the power to make or break a trend. In Łuków, Poland, there are three Instagram influencers whose style has become not only aspirational but positively influential.

Their dedication to showcasing the latest clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories has made them trendsetters in the region, giving their audiences a peek into the world of fashion from the comfort of their mobile devices. These influencers are worth following if you’re looking to stay ahead of the style curve.

Let’s take a closer look at them.

Top 3 clothes, shoes, handbags & accessories Instagram influencers from Łuków:

1. ??????? ????? – @g.martyna_

G.Martyna_ is a popular clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories Instagram influencer from Lukow who has caught the attention of thousands of fans! With a staggering 4,670 followers on Instagram and an impressive engagement rate of 12.4%, it’s no wonder that her content is sought after by people from all around the world! But her influence doesn’t stop there, as she also boasts an average of 3496 views per TikTok video and 579 average engagements per post. Her fans just can’t seem to get enough of her dazzling style and impeccable fashion taste!

From her unique clothing choices to her sophisticated handbags and bold accessories, G.

Martyna_ has certainly made a name for herself in the world of fashion. Her posts are always stylish and on-trend, introducing her followers to the latest fashion trends and inspiring them to create their own unique looks.

With such a strong presence on social media and an ever-growing fan base, we can’t wait to see what G.Martyna_ has in store for us in the future! If you haven’t already, be sure to follow her on Instagram and TikTok to stay up to date with her latest fashionable finds!

Followers: 4,670

Engagement rate: 12.4%

Avg. engagement: 579

2. ??????? ???????????? – @nataliapruchniewicz

Natalia Pruchniewicz is an Instagram influencer from Łuków, who posts about clothes, shoes, handbags & accessories. Her Instagram username is nataliapruchniewicz and she has 1,141 Followers.

On TikTok, she averages 3496 views per video and receives 225 average engagements per post. Her engagement rate is 19.72%, indicating that her followers are highly engaged with her content.

Natalia’s fashion-related posts are visually appealing and showcase a variety of trendy styles. Her success on social media suggests that she has an eye for fashion and knows how to engage her audience with her content.

Followers: 1,141

Engagement rate: 19.72%

Avg. engagement: 225

3. ?Kasia Klamka? – @kkasiaa99

Kasia Klamka is a fashion influencer from Łuków who has a vibrant and stylish Instagram page. With over 1,118 followers and an average of 3,496 views per TikTok, she is a major name in the fashion industry.

Her feed is filled with trendsetting clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories that are simply stunning. Every photo and post is crafted with precision and care, highlighting her impeccable fashion sense and keen eye for detail.

Her Instagram handle is kkasiaa99, which is where you can find her profile and posts. She posts frequently, with a high average of 181 engagements per post, and an impressive 16.19% engagement rate.

Her followers clearly adore her content, and consistently engage with her photos and videos.

If you’re someone who loves fashion and is looking for fresh inspiration, look no further than Kasia Klamka’s Instagram page.

Her style is impressive, and she knows just how to mix and match outfits to create a look that is both elegant and chic. You won’t be able to resist the trendy clothes, shoes, handbags, and accessories she features.

Overall, Kasia Klamka is one influencer you won’t want to miss out on.

Followers: 1,118

Engagement rate: 16.19%

Avg. engagement: 181

Last words:

As we bid adieu to this exhilarating journey of exploring the cream of the crop in fashion Instagram influencers in Łuków, a sense of longing engulfs our heart. The dynamic fashion scene of Łuków is blessed with some of the most remarkable sartorial voices that enthral the fashion aficionados with their striking style statements.

From the eye-catching shoes to the stunning handbags, the fashion game in Łuków is nothing short of a visual extravaganza. And, we’re glad to have played a part in showcasing the top 3 influencers that reign supreme in the fashion industry.

As we glance back at our journey, we’re left with not just awe and inspiration, but a profound sense of admiration for these fashion icons who continue to push the boundaries and set new fashion trends.

It’s been a pleasure to bring the spotlight on these three fashion influencers who have created their own niche in the industry and exude grace and elegance in every outfit they don.

May their fashion journey be always blessed with creativity, originality, and success.

And with that, we sign off with a heavy heart, hoping you’ve enjoyed this amazing journey with us as much as we did.

Until next time, stay fashionable and stay true to your unique style!