Discover Tremp’s Most Popular Sports Influencers on Instagram Top 3 Trending Accounts to Follow in 2023 – IMAI

Sports and social media have always gone hand in hand. From athletes sharing their workout routines to fans posting videos of game-winning shots, Instagram has become the ultimate platform for sports enthusiasts to connect and discover new talent.

And as we approach the end of 2022, it’s time to take a closer look at the trending sports Instagram influencers in Tremp. These athletes have taken the world of sports by storm with their jaw-dropping skills, inspiring stories, and uplifting messages of perseverance.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the top three names that have captured the hearts of millions of followers on Instagram.

Top 3 sports Instagram influencers from Tremp:

1. Territori Lo Podall by INTENSE – @territori_lo_podall

Territori Lo Podall is a sensational sports influencer on Instagram originating from Tremp, whose account is managed by the digital agency INTENSE. With an impressive 5,532 followers, their tantalizing posts garner an average of 17,188 views per TikTok video.

Their Instagram account boasts an average engagement rate of 10.34% and an average engagement per post of 572, showcasing Territori’s reach and influence across the platform. This rising star in the influencer world consists of varying lengths of sentences, perplexing thought strands, and a sporadic burstiness contained within their content, providing an ever-changing feast for their followers. Follow Territori Lo Podall at the username territori_lo_podall for a thrilling and insightful sports journey.

Followers: 5,532

Engagement rate: 10.34%

Avg. engagement: 572

2. ionaaโœจ – @iona.montoliu

ionaaโœจ is a sports influencer hailing from Tremp, with a notable Instagram account under the name iona.montoliu. With her 1,009 followers and considerable average views per TikTok at 17,188, she’s well on her way to growing her social media fame. What’s truly remarkable about ionaaโœจ’s content is the outstanding 26.66% engagement rate she receives for all her posts.

This is further emphasized by her average engagement per post, which stands at 269. When it comes to her social media influence, ionaaโœจ is undoubtedly making her mark in the sports industry.

Followers: 1,009

Engagement rate: 26.66%

Avg. engagement: 269

3. POL ROY – @polrc05

Meet POL ROY, the sports Instagram influencer hailing from Tremp. Known by the username polrc05, this influencer has amassed 1,029 followers on Instagram and garnered an impressive 17188 average views per TikTok post.

But that’s not all that’s impressive about POL ROY. They also boast an average engagement rate of 24.1% on their posts, with 248 average engagements per post.

With their captivating content, POL ROY has built a solid fan base on social media.

Their posts are filled with exciting sports content and captivating visuals, which keep their followers coming back for more. From thrilling stunts to impressive skills, POL ROY knows how to capture the attention of their audience.

It’s no wonder why POL ROY has become such a popular influencer, with their exceptional content creation skills and ability to connect with their followers on a personal level. With each new post, they demonstrate their passion for sports and dedication to their craft.

So if you’re a fan of sports and looking for an engaging social media experience, follow POL ROY today. You won’t be disappointed!

Followers: 1,029

Engagement rate: 24.1%

Avg. engagement: 248


As we bid adieu to these three sports Instagram influencers,
Their power, their influence and their swagger,
Still reverberate through the social media landscape,
Stirring up a storm that lingers on and on.

With their thrilling posts, they capture our attention,
Their stories, their messages, their causes – all worth a mention.

They’ve got us hooked, with every like and follow,
Leaving us breathless, begging for a swallow.

They inspire us to push ourselves beyond our limits,
To take that extra step, to fight against our critics.

To believe in ourselves and never give up on our dreams,
To lace up our shoes and take on the challenges of the teams.

In 2023, who knows who will reign supreme!
Who will raise the bar and breathe life into the scene?
But one thing is for sure, we’ll be watching and waiting,
Excited to see the next set of high-flying athletes.

So let’s salute these three trending sports influencers,
Let’s raise our hands in honor to their achievement!
Our love and respect will forever remain,
A testament to their greatness that will never wane.