Discover Your Instagram Performance: Get Your Free Audit & Follower Check Now

We’ve all heard the horror stories of Instagram accounts filled with fake followers and bots. Unfortunately, these fake followers take away from your genuine engagement and brand recognition. That’s why it’s best to consult a professional Instagram audit to check the authenticity of your followers.

An Instagram audit can give you an accurate picture of your followers and help you understand who’s real and who’s not. With a free Instagram audit and fake follower check, you will be able to recognize what type of followers you have and which ones you should cut out. Additionally, the audit will investigate whether or not your followers have a genuine interest in your content.

Once the audit is complete, you will be presented with valuable insights into how you can improve your Instagram engagement and reach. You’ll be able to better understand your followers, target your content to achieve higher engagement, and ultimately get more conversions.

Utilizing professional services to check the authenticity of your followers will allow you to build an Instagram account on solid footing. Your engagement will be more meaningful and leads more real. With a free Instagram audit and fake follower check, you’ll be able to start fresh with an honest and genuine profile.



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Imai Influencer search is an invaluable tool for companies and brands looking to reach new audiences and increase their visibility. The platform helps them to identify the right influencers for their campaigns, and provides them with an easytouse platform to connect with them. With Imai Influencer search, companies can quickly find influencers that are the best fit for their campaigns, and maximize their reach and engagement.