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Palma de Mallorca, a city that has long been a favorite among foodies, is now the hub of the latest Instagram craze – food and grocery influencers. As the world’s appetite for new and exciting culinary experiences continues to grow, the demand for social media influencers who can showcase the best of the best has soared.

In this blog post, we’ll take you through the top three best restaurants, food & grocery Instagram influencers of Palma in 2023, giving you a taste of what’s hot and happening in this vibrant city.

From Michelin-starred restaurants to hidden gems, Palma is a treasure trove of culinary delights, waiting to be discovered by you.

And who better to guide you than the city’s top food and grocery influencers, whose passion for food is infectious? The influencers we’re featuring are more than just food stylists; they’re storytellers who are passionate about sharing their love for all things culinary. And with over a million followers each, their recommendations are not to be taken lightly.

Our list of Palma’s top three food and grocery Instagram influencers will take you on a journey through the city’s gastronomic treasures. From seafood paella to tapas and the freshest of fruits and vegetables, these influencers have got it all covered.

And with their vibrant, drool-worthy pictures that burst with colors and flavors, you’ll find yourself salivating in anticipation of your next meal.

So whether you’re new to the city or a local looking for new places to explore, this blog post will be your ultimate guide to the best restaurants, food & grocery Instagram influencers of Palma in 2023.

Buckle up and get ready for a foodie adventure like no other!

Top 3 restaurants, food & grocery Instagram influencers from Palma:


SUSHIGลŒ is a popular Instagram influencer with a strong following in the restaurants, food & grocery space. Based in Palma, their social media platform is home to a growing community of 5,360 followers, which speaks to the caliber of their content.

With an impressive average of 2006 views per TikTok, SUSHIGลŒ has demonstrated their ability to create engaging and captivating content that resonates with their audience. In addition, their posts average 6,455 engagements, indicating that their followers are no passive viewers – they actively engage with the content.

This engagement is reflected by their impressive 120.43% engagement rate, which sits well above the industry average. All in all, SUSHIGลŒ is a rising star in the food and restaurant world, and their social media platform is definitely worth checking out!

Followers: 5,360

Engagement rate: 120.43%

Avg. engagement: 6,455

2. Noelia – @fitvegan.mallorca

Noelia is a renowned Instagram influencer from Palma known for her exceptional content centered around restaurants, food, and groceries. She goes by the username “fitvegan.mallorca” on the image sharing platform and has garnered an impressive following of 9,252 followers. Noelia is also a proud owner of a TikTok account where she averages 2006 views per video.

Her posts on Instagram get an average engagement of 1,579 likes, comments, and shares, boasting an engagement rate of 17.07%. Clearly, this influencer has an extraordinary impact on her followers.

Followers: 9,252

Engagement rate: 17.07%

Avg. engagement: 1,579

3. Santi Taura – @santitaura

Santi Taura is an Instagram influencer and TikTok star from Palma who has been winning hearts with his love for restaurants, food & grocery. With his Instagram handle @santitaura, he has amassed a following of 32,840 followers who trust his recommendations when it comes to finding the best spots for dining out, buying gourmet ingredients or cooking up a storm in their own kitchens.

What sets Santi Taura apart from the crowd is his unique approach to creating content that is both entertaining and informative. He has an average of 2006 views per TikTok and an impressive 1,064 average engagements per post.

This translates to a 3.24% engagement rate in his posts, which means that his followers are truly invested in what he has to say.

Whether you’re a foodie looking for new culinary adventures or just someone who appreciates a good meal, Santi Taura is definitely worth following on Instagram.

His Instagram stories, posts and reviews are all designed to help you discover the most amazing restaurants, food & grocery stores in Palma and beyond. With Santi Taura, you can be sure that you’ll never miss a chance to explore the delicious world of food and drink.

Followers: 32,840

Engagement rate: 3.24%

Avg. engagement: 1,064

Last words:

Well, there you have it, folks! Our list of the top 3 best restaurants, food & grocery influencers on Instagram in Palma is finally complete. From tantalizing food photos to spot-on grocery reviews, these influencers have it all covered.

Whether you’re looking for exotic international cuisine, local delicacies, or healthy meal prep tips, these influencers will satisfy your cravings like no other. They’ve truly made a mark in the food industry and have become an essential part of the Palma food scene.

So, what are you waiting for? Give these influencers a follow and stay up-to-date on the latest food trends and dishes in Palma. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

From mouth-watering food shots to insightful grocery guides, these influencers have brought a new level of creativity and innovation to the Instagram foodie culture. They have truly mastered the art of food blogging and have inspired thousands of people in Palma and beyond.

As we look into the future, we’re excited to see what else these influencers have in store for us. We’re sure they’ll continue to push the boundaries of culinary art and delight us with new gastronomic wonders.

So, let’s raise our glasses to the top 3 best restaurants, food & grocery influencers of Palma in 2023. Cheers, and may their culinary adventures continue to amaze and inspire us all!