Discovering Tehran’s Top 3 Instagram Influencers for Camera and Photography in 2023 – IMAI

There’s something about Tehran that captures our imagination, and we’re not alone. This metropolis of over 8 million people is filled with wonder, from its stunning architecture to its vibrant culture to its rich history.

But perhaps what draws us most to Tehran is its incredible photographers and Instagram influencers, who are taking the platform by storm.

In this blog post, we’re going to showcase three of Tehran’s most remarkable camera and photography Instagram influencers โ€“ individuals who have managed to capture the essence of this city like no one else.

From unique perspectives to innovative techniques, these influencers are changing the way we see the world around us, one photo at a time.

So whether you’re a photography enthusiast, an Instagram addict, or just looking for something new, join us as we explore the work of these three incredible talents, all based right here in the heart of Tehran.

Trust us โ€“ you won’t be disappointed.

Top 3 camera & photography Instagram influencers from Tehran:

1. ?????? ???? ใƒ„ – @deep_wounds._

Are you a photography enthusiast who’s always on the hunt for the next big thing? Say hello to ?????? ???? ใƒ„, the camera and photography Instagram influencer from Tehran! With their username deep_wounds._, ?????? ???? ใƒ„ boasts an impressive following of 39,293 people on the platform.

But that’s not all โ€“ they’re also crushing it on TikTok with an average of 205,256 views per post! And when it comes to engagement, ?????? ???? ใƒ„ is a true powerhouse.

Their posts receive an average of 303,157 engagements per photo, resulting in a staggering 771.53% engagement rate.

If you’re looking to up your photography game, you won’t want to miss what ?????? ???? ใƒ„ has in store.

So go ahead and give them a follow โ€“ your camera roll will thank you!

Followers: 39,293

Engagement rate: 771.53%

Avg. engagement: 303,157

2. Hamid Ebrahimnia – @hamidebrahimnia

Hamid Ebrahimnia, a renowned camera and photography Instagram influencer, hails from Tehran and has garnered a loyal following on social media with his stunning visual content. With a whopping 218,042 followers on Instagram, Hamid’s username hamidebrahimnia has become synonymous with captivating and mesmerizing photography.

On TikTok, his videos garner an average of 205256 views per post, highlighting his popularity on the platform.

Moreover, his social media prowess doesn’t just stop at his follower count.

Hamid is a master at engaging with his audience, as indicated by his average engagements per post of 230,794 and a staggering engagement rate of 105.85%. His followers enthusiastically interact with his content and seem to cherish his perspectives on the world through the lens of his camera.

In a world saturated with photography influencers, Hamid Ebrahimnia stands apart from the crowd with his critical eye and artistic prowess.

His stunning visuals and the overflowing love from his followers are indicative of his sincere dedication to his craft. He has become an inspiring figure for many budding photographers, and his unique style is undoubtedly influencing the photography world in new and exciting ways.

Followers: 218,042

Engagement rate: 105.85%

Avg. engagement: 230,794

3. Yalda Moaiery – @yaldamoaiery

Yalda Moaiery is an Instagram influencer from Tehran who specializes in camera and photography. With over 81,714 followers and 205256 average views per TikTok, she has made quite a name for herself in the social media space.

Her posts receive an average of 81,378 engagements, and with a 99.59% engagement rate, it’s no surprise why she is at the top of her game. From stunning portraits to breathtaking landscapes, Yalda’s photography showcases her talent and dedication to her craft.

As an influencer, she has a unique perspective on the industry and is committed to sharing her knowledge with her followers. Whether you’re a budding photographer or someone who simply loves beautiful imagery, Yalda Moaiery’s Instagram is a must-follow.

Followers: 81,714

Engagement rate: 99.59%

Avg. engagement: 81,378

Last But Not Least:

And there you have it, folks. Three remarkable camera and photography Instagram influencers in Tehran in 2023.

These artists are not only talented but also passionate about their craft, constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with a camera. Their evocative imagery and unique perspectives are a source of inspiration, and we cannot wait to see what they’ll produce in the years to come.

So, whether you’re planning a trip to Tehran or simply looking for some visual stimulation, make sure to check out these incredible artists on Instagram. From street scenes to landscapes, portraits, and everything in between, their work will take your breath away.

Keep your eyes peeled for their next project, and don’t forget to give them a follow. You never know โ€“ you might just discover your new favorite photographer.

Thanks for tuning in, and we’ll see you next time.