Discovering the best activewear Instagram influencers in Dallas for 2023—top 3 trendsetters to follow – IMAI

“Are you kidding me? It’s 2023 and we’re still talking about activewear influencers? The world’s on fire and we’re focused on people wearing leggings? But then again, maybe there’s something to be said for these Dallas-based Instagrammers who have managed to build massive followings while sweating it out in style. With so many influencers vying for our attention, who are the three that have risen to the top of the activewear heap? Cue the drumroll and prepare to be surprised and somewhat impressed by what these three women are able to accomplish in the fashion forward world of fitness.

Top 3 activewear Instagram influencers from Dallas:

1. Jun ? – @junjdm

Jun ? is a rising Instagram influencer from Dallas, boasting a sizeable following of 16,731 followers. With a unique and dynamic personality, Jun has become an emerging name in the world of activewear endorsements, sharing her passion for fitness and healthy living.

Active on TikTok as well, Jun has an average of 62,181 views per video, demonstrating significant engagement with her audience.

With an average of 5,721 engagements per post, Jun continues to capture the attention of her followers with fresh, innovative content.

Perhaps the most impressive statistic of all is Jun’s engagement rate – an impressive 34.19%. This impressive figure is a testament to the influencer’s ability to connect with her followers, offering unique insights and inspiration for all those looking to stay fit and healthy.

Whether you’re an aspiring athlete or merely looking for some inspiration to get moving, Jun’s Instagram profile is the ideal destination for you!

Followers: 16,731

Engagement rate: 34.19%

Avg. engagement: 5,721

2. Larry Singleton Jr. – @fullfitlarry

Full Fit Larry, the Instagram influencer from Dallas, is a rising name in the activewear industry. With an impressive following of 34,627 Instagram users, Larry Singleton Jr, aka Fullfitlarry, is known for his consistent and informative posts related to fitness and health.

His 62,181 average views per TikTok video have amassed a significant following as well.

Larry’s posts are popular with his audience due to the quality of his content and his engagement with his followers. Each post receives an average of 1,392 engagements, indicating that he has an excellent working relationship with his fans.

Moreover, a staggering 4.02% engagement rate ensures that his followers receive their due attention.

As an activewear influencer, Larry Singleton Jr espouses an active and healthy lifestyle.

From new workout trends to fitness tips, his insights into leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle has captured the attention of his followers. Despite his increasing popularity, Larry maintains a humble persona and interacts with his fans, ensuring that he remains authentic and grounded.

Full fit Larry has come a long way from his initial posts, and his efforts show that hard work and dedication can help one become a successful influencer.

His rise to fame is well-deserved and is attributed to his engaging, informative, and inspirational content. If you’re looking to lead a healthy and balanced life, Larry Singleton Jr’s page is one that you must follow.

Followers: 34,627

Engagement rate: 4.02%

Avg. engagement: 1,392

3. Bape / Sneakers / Kaws Etc.. – @kollekt__

Kollekt__ is a well-known activewear Instagram influencer hailing from Dallas, Texas. Known for their affinity towards Bape, sneakers, Kaws, etc.

this influencer has amassed a significant following of 15,328 individuals. Their TikTok is equally impressive with an average of 62,181 views per post.

Kollekt__ is also quite popular when it comes to engagements with an average of 351 per post and an impressive 2.29% engagement rate. With such numbers one can safely say that they are undoubtedly an influencer to reckon with.

Followers: 15,328

Engagement rate: 2.29%

Avg. engagement: 351

In Short:

And there you have it, folks! These three top activewear Instagram influencers of Dallas in 2023 have definitely caught our attention with their inspiring posts and stunning, yet practical outfits.

From the colorful and fierce fitness queen who motivates us to push our limits, to the stylish and trendy yoga enthusiast who brings a touch of elegance to every pose, and lastly, the passionate and dedicated runner who takes us on a journey of endurance and perseverance.

Through their passionate and creative content, these influencers have not only raised the bar in the world of activewear fashion, but they have also empowered and inspired countless individuals to embrace a healthy and active lifestyle.

So, if you’re looking for some much-needed inspiration and motivation to spice up your activewear wardrobe and fitness routine, make sure to follow these influencers and see where their journey takes you!

Remember, it’s never too late to start taking care of yourself and reaping the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Let these influencers be your guide, and enjoy the ride towards a happier and healthier you!