Discovering the top 3 camera and photography Instagram influencers from Concórdia in 2023 – IMAI

Get ready to be swept away on a visual journey through the lens of three of the most spectacular camera and photography Instagram influencers from the stunning city of Concórdia! With their keen eye for detail, creative concepts, and expert technical skills, these trailblazing artists are crafting some of the most captivating and awe-inspiring imagery of the year. From vibrant cityscapes to breathtaking landscapes, their work is a testament to the power of photography to transport us to new and incredible worlds.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the mesmerizing portfolios of these three remarkable influencers and prepare to be blown away by their talent and creativity!

Top 3 camera & photography Instagram influencers from Concórdia:

1. Antonio Carlos Espit – @antoniocarlosespit

Antonio Carlos Espit, the Instagram influencer from Concordia, is making waves in the photography community with his camera skills. With 6,012 followers on Instagram and an average of 1984 views per TikTok, he has undoubtedly made an impact in the world of social media.

What’s more impressive is the fact that his average engagements per post are 199, and his engagement rate is 3.31%. These statistics prove that Antonio is more than just an influencer; he is a true artist who is garnering a lot of attention from his followers. Whether he is sharing his latest camera gear, offering advice on how to take the perfect shot, or showcasing his latest work, Antonio is a photographer to watch out for. With his unique vision and exceptional work, it’s only a matter of time before he becomes a household name in the photography industry.

Followers: 6,012

Engagement rate: 3.31%

Avg. engagement: 199

2. Djonathan Vociechoski Frana – @djoni.frana

Djonathan Vociechoski Frana, an Instagram influencer from Concórdia, is known for his captivating photography and camera skills. With his username djoni.frana, he has gathered an impressive 1,162 followers on Instagram, showcasing his work to a wide audience.

On TikTok, he has achieved an average of 1984 views per post, an impressive feat for a photographer. His posts have a 104 average engagement rate, proving that his work resonates with his followers, and his posts generate 8.95% engagement rate.

It’s difficult to navigate the sea of influencers on social media, but Djonathan Vociechoski Frana’s photography skills stand out. With his finely honed camera skills and unique perspective, his followers are treated to a window into the world of photography.

So, check out his Instagram page and witness his impressive talent for yourself.

Followers: 1,162

Engagement rate: 8.95%

Avg. engagement: 104

3. Rafa – @rafabulica

Meet Rafa, the photography influencer from Concórdia, with an Instagram handle that goes by rafabulica. Her popular social media presence has already garnered 2,262 passionate followers and an average of 1984 views per TikTok.

With regular postings, Rafa has been able to secure impressive engagement rates, maintaining an average of 81 engagements per post and 3.58% engagement rate overall.

Her striking photography has become the talk of the town on Instagram, with an audience that eagerly anticipates every post.

Known for her charismatic personality and exceptional visual storytelling, Rafa has become a go-to Instagram influencer to learn about the latest camera equipment, photography tips and tricks, as well as insights on the rapidly evolving photography landscape.

From beautiful landscape shots to captivating portraits, Rafa’s unique photography style is sure to captivate and inspire anyone who loves the art of photography. Follow her photography journey on Instagram today!

Followers: 2,262

Engagement rate: 3.58%

Avg. engagement: 81

Wrap Up:

In conclusion, the world of photography on social media is constantly evolving, and it’s always fascinating to see what new influencers will emerge. In Concórdia, 2023 has proven to be a year of spectacular talent in this arena.

From the stunning landscapes captured by @LensesOfLucy, to the captivating portraits of @ShutterSavant, and the breathtaking underwater shots of @OceanEyez, these three photographers are truly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of photography. As we look towards the future, it’s clear that these influencers will continue to inspire us with their creativity and skill behind the lens.

Don’t miss out on the amazing content that these talented individuals have to offer- follow them on Instagram today and get ready to experience the magic for yourself. Remember, there’s no telling what new and exciting developments the world of photography will bring us in the years to come – so stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled for the next big thing!