Do You Want To Change Your Username On TikTok?

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Do You Want To Change Your Username On TikTok?

Username is your identity and for this reason you need to be careful about choosing a username. But don’t worry, if you want to change it at a later time. You can embrace a new username. At least TikTok allows its users to change their usernames.

What is in a username?


For some people, it is just a name and they have no hesitation in accepting whatever name is suggested by social media. But there are others thatwant their usernames to be unique and reflective of their brands. It is especially true about influencers that work with multiple social channels and want to get recognized with their usernames.

Why is a username crucial?


Username is part of online security but it will be too technical definition of username. And for this reason, most social channels don’t allow changing this security feature. They want to discourage impostors from accessing valid social media accounts. Another important thing about username is that it is a person. Your username is your online reflection.

What makes a good username?


Everyone takes a different approach to his/her username. Some give it a considerable thought while others take it lightly. But the rule of thumb says that you should keep your usernames similar so that the targeted audiences can quickly recognize your brand. It is especially true when you work on different social channels.

Or you can choose a different name like your hobby, interest or pet. It is like highlighting a key aspect of your personality. But you should make sure that your username reflects your values and makes the right image before your audiences. But still, you have the option to change your username at a later time. TikTok allows changing usernames.

What are the basic rules of a username?


There are few rules you need keeping in mind while writing a better username. And most of the rules are related to account security. And they are for every media and not only for TikTok.

  • Avoid using your email address as a username
  • Avoid giving details about your full name or address in your username
  • Avoid using a clear user name everywhere. While it looks find on channels you use, but it isn’t advised to use your username on channels you don’t use
  • Avoid using an inappropriate username because TikTok is public

Username generator


TikTokcan give a million suggestions regarding usernames but you are free to use a name generator to find the best username for your brand. Finally, you can go to TikTok to change your username.