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It’s no secret that social media has taken over the world, and Instagram is at the forefront of it all. In the past decade, Instagram influencers have become a force to be reckoned with when it comes to pushing products and shaping people’s buying decisions.

For parents looking for the latest and greatest toys for their little ones, influencers play a huge role in that decision-making process. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the three most engaging toys on Instagram, as promoted by children and baby influencers in Forssa, Finland.

These are the toys that have captured the attention of parents and little ones alike, and we’re here to give you a rundown on why they’re so great, so let’s dive in and take a look!

Top 3 toys, children & baby Instagram influencers from Forssa:

1. JENNY || WELLNESS – @wellness.byjenny

JENNY || WELLNESS is a popular Instagram influencer hailing from Forssa, with a massive following of 3,523 dedicated fans. Known for her captivating content on toys, children, and babies, she has really made a name for herself within her niche.

With her desirable username wellness.byjenny, fans can’t help but engage with her posts.

JENNY || WELLNESS’s TikTok views reach an impressive 1183 on average, showing just how engaged her followers are with the content she shares.

Her posts also experience an average engagement rate of 7.64%, an impressive feat that highlights the quality and charm of her content.

What really sets JENNY || WELLNESS apart is her passion for informative, yet entertaining, posts centered around toys, children, and babies.

Her engaging content draws in fans of all ages, making her a much-loved influencer in the Instagram community.

With an average of 269 engagements per post, it’s clear that JENNY || WELLNESS has a loyal following that can’t get enough of her intriguing content.

From toy reviews to teething tips, her posts are the go-to source for parents and caregivers looking for high-quality, well-researched information.

In conclusion, JENNY || WELLNESS is a well-known influencer in her field, with her captivating content about toys, children, and babies drawing in a massive following.

Her impressive TikTok views, engagement rate, and engagement per post demonstrate the magnetic influence she holds over her audience. For anyone searching for a fun and informative experience within the children’s niche, wellness.byjenny is the Instagram influencer to follow!

Followers: 3,523

Engagement rate: 7.64%

Avg. engagement: 269

2. PERHE | LAPSIARKEA ? – @_lamminolka

_PERHE | LAPSIARKEA ? _, a Forssa-based Instagram influencer in the toys, children & baby niche, is quickly gaining traction with a strong following of 2,383. The influencer, who goes by the username _lamminolka, has an impressive 1183 average views per TikTok, showcasing the power of her presence across platforms.

With an average engagement rate of 7.97% on her posts, and 190 average engagements per post, PERHE | LAPSIARKEA ? has shown an ability to truly connect with her audience. Her content is undoubtedly resonating with parents and anyone invested in the wellbeing of children, making her a force to be reckoned with in the world of social media.

Whether you’re interested in learning about new and popular toys or looking for meaningful insights into the world of parenting, PERHE | LAPSIARKEA ? is an influencer worth following.

Followers: 2,383

Engagement rate: 7.97%

Avg. engagement: 190

3. Annika Satka – @annicaidamaria

Annika Satka, an Instagram influencer from Forssa, has taken the world by storm with her posts about toys, children and babies. Under the username annicaidamaria, she has garnered an impressive 1,848 followers and an incredible 1183 average views per TikTok video.

Her engagement numbers are equally impressive, with an average of 89 engagements per post and a whopping 4.82% engagement rate. Her posts are filled with fun and educational toys that can help children develop their cognitive and motor skills.

With her content, Annika has become a go-to influencer for parents and babysitters, providing them with valuable tips and tricks on how to keep kids entertained and learning. Whether you’re in search of the latest toy craze or a creative way to keep your toddlers occupied, annicaidamaria has got you covered.

So, be sure to follow her and keep up with her latest posts!

Followers: 1,848

Engagement rate: 4.82%

Avg. engagement: 89


Thank you for joining us on this adventure through the world of children and baby Instagram influencers at Forssa in 2023. We hope you enjoyed the ride as much as we did.

From the imaginative play of the Build-A-Bear Workshop to the sensory stimulation of the Fisher-Price Play Gym, we’ve explored some of the most engaging toys for children of all ages.

But the real stars of the show are the little ones who bring these toys to life with their endless curiosity and boundless energy.

We’ve had the pleasure of meeting some of the most talented Instagram influencers in the business, and we can’t wait to see what they’ll create next.

So whether you’re a proud parent, a doting grandparent, or simply a lover of all things kid-related, we invite you to keep exploring the exciting world of children’s toys and influencers.

Who knows what wonders you’ll discover along the way?