Getting Verified On TikTok: Mission Impossible?

TikTok has grown to be one of the most popular social media apps today. Creators use TikTik to showcase their personality by creating genuine content, such as vlogs, to give followers a glance at their daily life. As TikTok evolved as a platform, the company introduced its verified badge feature.

Why become verified?

Having a verified account helps confirm the credibility and legitimacy of your profile. Getting verified on TikTok can help your profile stand out as this exclusive feature sets you apart from the average user on the platform.ย ย 

When deciding whether or not to verify your profile on TikTok, the company takes into consideration a strict set of guidelines, including:


In addition to making sure you have checked off all the boxes on the logistical side of becoming verified, it is also important that you have a medium to large following. To achieve this, it is important to produce content that aligns with current trends as well as content you think your targeted audience will be interested in.