Getting your brand verified on Instagram – a must have!

Instagram page on mobile

Consumer brands’ online presence on social media networks continues to grow and Instagram is the predominant influencer marketing channel. 89% of marketers said that Instagram was important for their influencer marketing strategy.

So how can brands achieve a verified account on Instagram, which is a must-have for credibility and trust-building in influencer marketing efforts?

Read below to find out and start working on your page’s verification if you don’t already have it:


1. What is a verified account on Instagram?

Verified accounts on Instagram are marked with a blue check mark (see an example from Gucci’s Instagram page below). The blue check mark means that Instagram has verified the authenticity of the account to let users know that they can trust the account.

GUCCI instagram page

2. Why is verification important?

Verification allows fans and followers to know that they are communicating with the actual brand, celebrity, influencer, or public figure. There are a lot of fake Instagram accounts out there run by trolls or bots, and when it comes to social commerce, it’s even more important for consumers to know that they are engaging with a trusted source and not a scammer.

Not only do verification badges increase credibility, but they can also make a big difference in terms of how the brand is perceived by potential consumers. A decline in credibility, i.e. not having a verification badge or losing it, could cause consumers to question whether the brand’s product or service is really worth their investment. Consumers want to invest in brands that they can trust and that are accountable for what they are selling, and the verification brand helps impart this in the social commerce sphere.

In addition, verification will put your brand’s account at the top of the search results, making it easier for consumers to find your profile and make a purchase. This could not only help increase your sales, but it could also dramatically improve your engagement rate and visibility on the platform.


3. How should you prepare your brand’s Instagram account for verification?

The first thing you should have in order to get your brand verified is a strong following on Instagram. This will make it easier to get the verification from Instagram. Next, you should work on the aesthetics of your Instagram account by posting high-quality photos and videos that reflect your brand identity. You can make things easier for yourself by keeping tabs on how your content is performing using an influencer marketing solution like IMAI or checking your profile insights (if you have a business account). Finally, it’s really important to engage with your followers both on your posts, in the comments, and through direct messages. Engagement with followers is a key aspect that is considered by Instagram when providing account verification. 

If your brand has a verified profile on a different platform, let’s say Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter, then it might make it easier to get verification from Instagram.

Finally, it’s really important to have a complete profile. Make sure that you have a great “bio” or company description, that you share some featured reels and highlights, and that you are making the most of the features that Instagram offers. This will make your profile look active and improve your chances of an easy verification process.


4. What’s the verification process look like?

There is no official way to go about getting verified by Instagram. A lot of major brands and celebrities reach out to an influencer agency that has connections on Instagram, making it easier to get the verification process started. You can also speak with Instagram support to ask them about it, though it can take longer for them to respond. 

Another way to get Instagram verification that we’ve come across includes spending money on Facebook ads so that you can easily reach a dedicated support representative that may be able to streamline the process for you. 

Finally, you’ll want to prove to Instagram that your business account is at risk for impersonation or a likely avenue for user fraud. This will help increase your chances.

Our final tip about Instagram verification – be patient with the process! It can take time, especially if your brand is not a household name yet and you’re just building your social presence, but we promise it definitely pays off in the long run in terms of ROI once you have a verified account.



Frequently asked questions about Instagram verification

Q: What is Instagram verification?

A: Instagram verification is a visual confirmation of an account‘s authenticity. Verified accounts have a blue checkmark badge next to the account name, and may be eligible for features like verified badges and access to certain statistics and insights.


Q: Who is eligible for verification?

A: Accounts that are determined to be ofpublic interest,” such as those belonging to celebrities, athletes, brands, and public figures, may be eligible for verification.


Q: How do I know if my account has been verified?

A: A verified account will have a blue badge icon next to the account name on the profile.


Q: How long does it take for my account to be verified?

A: Typically, verification is completed within a few weeks after submission. However, please note that the length of time for verification may vary, as each application is taken on a casebycase basis.