How To Become A Gaming Influencer On Livestream Platforms?



How To Become A Gaming Influencer On Livestream Platforms?

Influencer advertising, gaming, and live streaming can go together and make a profitable venture that can give you millions of dollars in paid subscriptions and sponsored partnerships.

Quick facts about the gaming industry

  • Social media influencer marketing is set to become a $9.7 billion industry by 2020
  • The video game industry will become a $138 billion industry by 2021
  • The video streaming market will cross the $184 billion marks by 2027

The above-mentioned figures are tempting but the earnings of b2b tech influencers are more tempting. A leading gaming influencer, Ninja, earns more than $500K per month from his over 15 million followers on Twitch. Others including Shroud, Riot Games, and Syndicate also make similar amounts every month.

While it is difficult to beat an experienced gamer but it is never too late to join an influencer marketing marketplace. Starting with making a strategy for a live streaming service, you can climb up the success ladder and become a gaming influencer.

  1. Strategy

Work on a strategy by defining your goals like becoming a leading gaming influencer on live streaming platforms. Set a measurable goal like adding 2 million followers in two years and start working on a plan to achieve that goal. Set small objectives like adding 10K followers every month and promote yourself on the influencer brand platform.

  1. Niche

Choose a niche instead of getting jack of all but mastery over none. Having a specific niche will help in building your followers and expanding your influencer outreach. For example, you can choose game reviews, tutorials, challenges, team matchups, game walkthroughs, or montages.

  1. Branding

Develop a USP to sell your brand and to stand in competition with others. You will get a logo for quick recognition of your brand but you need to do more than simply working on designing a catchy logo. Your objective should be to stand out in the crowd. Your brand should be different from what other influencer marketing companies are offering.

  1. Audience

Your audiences are your biggest assets. You can sustain in the competitive influencer marketing platform only when you can add a sufficient number of followers to your profile. Look for ways to add followers like writing catchy titles to your posts and using relevant keywords and hashtags.

  1. Network

Networking with other influencers in your niche could benefit from adding fake Instagram followers to your profile. For networking, you can play games with fellow gamers or ask them for collaboration.