How To Build An Effective Social Media Strategy Using UGC?



How To Build An Effective Social Media Strategy Using UGC?ย 

If you can leverage user-generated content (UGC), you can strengthen your content strategy and influencer outreach as well. Also, it isnโ€™t a difficult job to source UGC.

For example, take photos and videos of your fansโ€™ feeds. You can include their feeds in your social media strategy. And you can take it as an alternative to the world-of-mouth recommendation.

Also, it is an affordable way to share high-quality content on an influencer marketing platform. Another reason for using UGC on social media is that over 55% of consumers trust UGC more than any other social media strategy.

UGC fits into every social media goal and you will be surprised to know that it can help in bringing your community together.

Letโ€™s quickly learn some tips for using UGC in social media strategy

#1: Conceive a strategy for UGC

There is plenty of user-generated content available on an influencer brand platform but you need a strategy to take advantage of it. For example, you should look for UGS that features your products, if you want to increase awareness about your products.

#2: Find UGC that blends well with your brand

Your audiences can help find the right UGC that fits into your social media influencer marketing strategy. Create a unique hashtag and encourage your followers to tag relevant content on the hashtag created for that purpose.

#3: Ask for permission to use each piece of UGC

UGC is a quality product created by a user and each UGC is unique as it has the feelings and thoughts of an individual. In this situation, it becomes mandatory for you to ask for permission before using a UGC. Simply send a polite DM to creators to seek their permission to repost their content in your influencer marketing dashboard.

#4: Preview UGC before including it in your feed

Since you are collecting UGC from various sources and different creators, they could be unique in style, language, and formatting. But you should make them relevant for your influencer marketing tools so that they reflect your marketing message.

Bonus tip

Working with influencer marketing companies and content creators is a great idea for building a big community. You need a brand ambassador program to source content and include it in your social media strategy. Thereโ€™s little doubt that UGC could act as a powerful asset for your social media marketing. It can generate sales and grow your community.