How to drive sales through your Instagram bio link?



How to drive sales through your Instagram bio link?

Instagram is the real influencer marketing marketplace as over 70% of users check Instagram for searching information about products and services. Also, it allows driving sales through links that could be placed in stories, tagged products in posts, Instagram shop that is a recent addition and the link in your Instagram bio.

Instagram bio link is the real asset

It is a valuable real estate in influencer marketing search as it can drive targeted traffic to your website, products pages, blog posts, events, and much more. Also, you can turn your feed into a clickable, shoppable landing page with the help influencer marketing tools like by Later.

Traditionally, you need changing your URL every time you have a new update or you want the traffic to a certain page. While it is necessary to increase your influencer outreach, it is a daunting task. But you can make it easier with the help of a tool that will automatically create a clickable version of your feed. With the tool doing a big job, you will be left to link that URL to your Instagram bio.

You will get a new clickable link, every time you have a new feed. The link will take the followers directly towards the landing page where you can make sales. In this way, you can easily create the ultimate shoppable Instagram feed.

There are multiple advantages of this clickable link. For example, you can easily track Influencer insight like clicks, pageviews and sales from each post. You can go a step ahead and link your Shopify store to your to track revenue. Also, it will be an easier way for your followers to shop.

Some success stories of businesses using

Collective Arts Brewing

This business uses tool to create shoppable Instagram feeds. They use storytelling to establish an emotional connection with their followers and their stories are linked to specific web pages or products to help followers find more information about the stories.


It is a lifestyle publication that uses to drive traffic to their articles and blog content. For them, the tool is a game changer as it helps them promote multiple articles a day.


It is an online education platform that relies on to leverage the power of guest articles and trips to start conversations. They create eye-catchy social media posts by taking cue from Q&As and articles on their site. The allows followers to click-through the posts to read complete articles.