How To Maintain Your Instagram Aesthetic Appeal While Sharing Your Reels On Your Profile?

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Now you can boost your influencer marketing stat using Instagram Reels trends without compromising on your Instagram aesthetic. They are like TikTok posts โ€“ fun, quick, and entertaining. But a beautiful aesthetic is also a nice thing to have.



What is the relation between Instagram Reels and aesthetics?

Engaging Instagram Reels are more likely to add more fake Instagram followers to your profile than anything else. But at the same time, you need to maintain the aesthetic appeal of your Instagram profile.

For example, before you take your Reels to your profile grid, you need to check whether the Reels will match with the other posts on the profile. Adding Reels to your profile would give you extra exposure and boost the influencer outreach of your Reels.



Advantage of sharing Reels on Instagram profile

Your Instagram profile has the top posts that could attract the attention of visitors to your profile. These could be 9-12 in number. You need to be careful while adding Reels to your profile as even a slight change in the content or presentation would mean losing valuable followers on the influencer brand platform.



How to improve your Instagram Reels aesthetic?

Reels could disrepute your aesthetic appeal which will have a negative effect on your growth. But you improve the aesthetic appeal of your Reels before they are uploaded to your influencer marketing dashboard.


Apply an on-brand filter

Try the same filter style for your Reels that you have for other posts on the influencer platform. Apply an Instagram Stories AR filter while shooting Reels. Tap the โ€œEffectsโ€ button and scroll through the library.

Or you can employ third-party influencer marketing tools to apply a filter to your Reel and then re-upload it to your Instagram profile. And there are plenty of third-party apps that you can take advantage of.


Employ a video editing tool

Try adding branded backgrounds or custom front overlays to your Reels with the help of a video editing tool like InShot. These are simple touches that can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your Reels and help in influencer advertising.


Create a custom cover image

Use Instagram Stories templates to create a custom cover image of your Reels, if youโ€™re really serious about maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your Instagram profile. There are plenty of easy-to-use apps that can help in creating attractive Instagram Stories design to enrich your influencer marketing platform. Try these ways to change the aesthetic of your Instagram Reels.





Tips to maintain Instagram reel aesthetics


1. Stick to a consistent color palette: Keeping your Instagram Reel visually appealing and cohesive is all about creating a consistent look for your content. Incorporating a consistent color palette throughout all your Reels help your viewers recognize your content from a distance.

2. Use consistent transitions: Transitions are important in helping your Reel viewers quickly understand the flow of your content. Pick a couple of transitions you love and use them to start and end each of your Reel videos.

3. Find stock footage: Thanks to the abundance of stock media out there, you donโ€™t need to be a pro filmmaker to make creative Reels. You can find stock footage to fit whatever theme or aesthetic you want to achieve.

4. Avoid jump cuts: While jump cuts help to keep your Reels short and sweet, overusing them can make the video choppy and amateurish. Utilize fades, zooms, and slides for a more professional style.

5. Incorporate text: Add text overlays to your Reels to title each scene and tell your story with ease. It‘s also a great way to break up the action and provide context to your viewers.

6. Take advantage of sound: Just like music can make or break a YouTube or TikTok video, it can also make or break your Instagram Reels. Choose a soundtrack carefully and use it to emphasize your aesthetic and tell the story of your content.

7. Leverage branding elements: Incorporate branding elements like your logo on each scene or background image to bring a sense of consistency to your content. This helps solidify your presence and encourages viewers to remember your brand.



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Imai platform interface


In order to find and analyze Instagram influencers with Imai, you‘ll first need to log in to your Imai account. Once you‘ve signed in, head over to theAnalytics tab and select the Instagram option.

Next, enter the relevant parameters such as the location, language, and type of content into the fields provided. Once you‘ve specified those parameters, Imai will automatically search the Instagram database and present you with the influencers most relevant to your criteria.

You‘ll then be able to see a detailed overview of their profile such as their followers, engagements, and interactions. You‘ll also be able to see their post activity and see what kind of feedback their posts generate from their followers. If you‘d like to know even more about an influencer, you can click on their profile and get an even more detailed analysis.

Finally, you can use Imai to compare the influencers you found against each other in order to assess their relative performances. You can also conduct polls and surveys with the influencers and the data collected can be used to further refine your influencer search and make it even more targeted.



Frequently asked questions about Instagram Aesthetic


Q: What is Instagram Aesthetic?

A: Instagram Aesthetic is the process of creating a harmonious visual style on an Instagram account to appeal to its intended audience.ย 


Q: How can I create an aesthetically pleasing Instagram account?

A: Here are some tips for creating an aesthetically pleasing Instagram account:

1. Select a clear, consistent color palette.

2. Utilizing symmetry and balance when creating content.

3. Incorporate negative space into your feed.

4. Use consistent typography.

5. Experiment with filters and edits.

6. Embrace minimalism.

7. Create cohesive content.


Q: What are some popular Instagram Aesthetic trends?

A: Some of the most popular Instagram Aesthetic trends include bright, saturated colors, candid photography, pastels and creamy tones, neon and vivid colors, neonlit photography, glitch art, and dark moody tones.