How To Use Your Users As YouTube Influencers?




How To Use Your Users As YouTube Influencers?

User Generated Content (UGC) is a game-changer because it is unique, influential, and highly relevant. In UGC, you treat users as b2b tech influencers. But you should know how to encourage users to generate content for your business.

Let’s learn from brands….

Buffer is a social media management software company that scaled Instagram popularity with the help of UGC and it showed the right way of doing the best influencer marketing using UGC. They didn’t have their pictures but they knew how to creatively use pictures shared by their followers.

Starbucks generated UGC through a contest where they asked their users to take photos of their cups and submit the designs to Starbucks. And they received nearly 4,000 entries. It helped Starbucks in TikTok influencer marketing and even designing their product.

How they did it?

There are many platforms including Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook and more platforms are expected to be launched in a short time. And every influencer brand platform has its users that have their distinct tastes, likes, and dislikes.

Some important factors to keep in mind while getting UGC

  1. Choose the right social media platform

There are many media channels and every channel has different content requirements. For example, YouTube promotes lengthy videos and TikTok supports short videos. You need UGC according to the platform. So, the selection of the right influencer marketing marketplace is the first step towards successful branding.

  1. Set your goal

What do you want to do with UGC? For example, you can take advantage of the UGC to increase engagement or to spread awareness of your brand. There are plenty of ways in which UGC can help and you should be clear on your objective. Once you are clear on your objective, you can find Instagram influencers to market your brand.

  1. Guide your audience

You have many followers and they could generate content for your brand but they need guidance. You need to tell them what type of content you want from them. Once your audiences know what you want them to do, they will start generating content for your influencer marketing dashboard.


If you want to take advantage of UGC then you need to convince your followers to create content for your brand. They can share pictures or videos, or simply write text like a blog or even comments. Your users will become your TikTok influencers if you are targeting TikTok.