Kinshasa’s Leading Music Instagram Influencers to Follow in 2023: A Curated List of Top 3 Influencers – IMAI

As the sun sets over the vibrant city of Kinshasa, the thumping beats of music can be heard echoing through the streets. With music being an integral part of daily life in the Congo, it’s no surprise that Instagram has become a platform for many to showcase their talents and influence the music scene.

As 2023 approaches, we take a closer look at the 3 top music Instagram influencers in Kinshasa who are making waves in the industry. From their unique styles to their captivating personalities, these individuals have captured the attention of music lovers across the city.

But what sets them apart from the countless other aspiring artists on the platform? How have they managed to rise above the noise and stand out in such a competitive field? Join us as we delve into their stories and explore the impact they’ve had on the music industry in Kinshasa.

Top 3 music Instagram influencers from Kinshasa:

1. ?????? ???????? – @farajabatumike

Faraja Batumike, a music Instagram influencer from Kinshasa, is making waves in the social media world. Her username is farajabatumike and she currently has 3,602 followers. TikTok seems to be her platform of choice, as she has an impressive 153722 average views per post.

Her engagement rate is also quite high, with an average of 203 engagements per post and a 5.64% engagement rate. It’s clear that her music is resonating with her followers, as she continues to gain support online.

Followers: 3,602

Engagement rate: 5.64%

Avg. engagement: 203

2. CHRIS BOLIA – @chris_blackpanther

Chris Bolia is the music Instagram influencer from Kinshasa. He goes by the username chris_blackpanther on the platform and has managed to accumulate 3,506 followers. However, his reach is not limited to Instagram only, with an average of 153,722 views per TikTok.

This showcases his influence and popularity across different social media platforms.

Apart from his impressive views, Chris Bolia also commands 199 average engagements per post.

This figure demonstrates his followers’ active participation in his content, as evident from his 5.68% engagement rate. His followers frequently react, share and comment on his music updates, indicating the impact he has on his audience.

Chris Bolia’s music tastes and preferences are curated for his followers’ entertainment and enjoyment. His musical taste aligns with the latest music trends, making his content alluring to music enthusiasts.

His music selections are a reflection of his creative flair, innovation, and impeccable taste.

In conclusion, Chris Bolia is a renowned social media influencer for good reason.

His significant following on Instagram and TikTok indicates his impact, and the average engagement per post confirms his followers’ interest in his content.

Followers: 3,506

Engagement rate: 5.68%

Avg. engagement: 199

3. ???????!? – @kd___black

In Kinshasa, there’s a notable music Instagram influencer named ???????!?, who goes by the handle @kd___black with a decent follower base of 1,025. Besides Instagram, this personality also uploads TikTok videos that receive an impressive average of 153,722 views.

Their Instagram followers can expect to see engaging posts with an average of 103 likes, which calculates to a 10.05% engagement rate. This influencer sure knows how to captivate the audience with their music content!

From just analyzing the statistics, we can tell that ???????!? seems to have become quite the sensation on social media with the high number of views on TikTok and an enviable engagement rate on Instagram.

It is indeed awe-inspiring how music can bring people together, regardless of where they’re from, and ???????!? is a perfect example of that.

Followers: 1,025

Engagement rate: 10.05%

Avg. engagement: 103

In Short:

As the sun sets on Kinshasa’s bustling streets,
The city’s beats continue to thump and throb to life.
A musical pulse that never ceases to inspire,
Drawing crowds from all corners like a magnet on fire.

And in the midst of this dynamic scene,
There are three names that reign supreme,
Influencers who have shaped and defined the sound,
Rising to prominence and making Kinshasa proud.

From the soulful melodies of Aimee Lokua,
To the electrifying raps of Debby Ngalula,
And the infectious rhythms of Eddie Wetshi,
These three leave crowds breathless and begging for more.

Each with their unique style and story to tell,
They remind us of the power of music to dispel,
Prejudices and barriers that often divide,
Unifying all in a language that needs no guide.

So as we bid farewell to this vibrant land,
We take with us the echoes of these musical strands,
The beats and the lyrics that have captured our hearts,
And remind us that in music, we are never truly apart.