Meet Baghdad’s leading fitness and yoga TikTok influencers in 2023: a top 3 list – IMAI

Hold on to your hats, folks, because I have just discovered something truly incredible! Are your ready for this? There are three fitness and yoga TikTok influencers from Baghdad who are taking the world by storm! Yes, you heard that right, Baghdad! Now, I know what you’re thinking – “How can this be possible?” Well, let me tell you, these influencers are not only making waves in the fitness world, but they are doing it in a way that is both inspirational and truly unique. So without further ado, let’s dive in and discover the top three fitness and yoga TikTok influencers from Baghdad in 2023.

Top 3 fitness & yoga TikTok influencers from Baghdad:

1. hama fitness –

Hama is a TikTok influencer based in Baghdad, promoting fitness and yoga on his social media platform. With an impressive following of 161,800 fans, he has been able to garner an average of 124,280 views per TikTok post, with an engagement rate of 5.18%. His content also receives an average of 8,377 engagements per post, making him one of the most popular fitness instructors on TikTok.

Hama’s fitness and yoga expertise has captured the attention of numerous fans, who eagerly anticipate his next post.

Followers: 161,800

Engagement rate: 5.18%

Avg. engagement: 8,377

Avg. views: 124,280

2. Blnd・A͜͡gha – @blnd..agha

Meet Blnd・A͜͡gha, the Baghdad-based fitness and yoga TikTok influencer who has amassed an impressive following of 76,800 users with an average of 55350 views per TikTok post. Blnd・A͜͡gha’s content is nothing short of inspiring, with their feeds filled with challenging and creative workout routines that are sure to get you moving. And with an average of 4,632 engagements per post and a staggering 6.03% engagement rate, it’s clear that Blnd・A͜͡gha’s content is resonating with their followers.

What sets Blnd・A͜͡gha apart from other fitness influencers on the platform is their unique approach to workouts that combines challenging yoga poses and traditional fitness routines.

And the best part? Their routines are suitable for individuals of all ages and fitness levels. Whether you’re someone who is new to fitness or a seasoned pro, Blnd・A͜͡gha’s content is designed to challenge and inspire you to live a healthier, more active lifestyle.

So if you’re looking for a community of likeminded individuals who are all working towards their fitness goals, be sure to follow Blnd・A͜͡gha on TikTok. With their expert guidance and engaging content, you’re sure to reach your fitness goals in no time.

Followers: 76,800

Engagement rate: 6.03%

Avg. engagement: 4,632

Avg. views: 55,350

3. دوريان – @kn_7i

Meet دوريان, the TikTok influencer from Baghdad who has taken the fitness and yoga world by storm. With the username kn_7i, she boasts an impressive 59,400 followers and an average of over 2 million views per TikTok video.

But it’s not just the views that make her popular. She also has an average of 44,891 engagements per post, resulting in an impressive 75.57% engagement rate.

What sets دوريان apart from other fitness and yoga influencers is her unique approach to health and wellness. She seamlessly combines traditional yoga poses with innovative and creative routines, all while emphasizing the importance of overall physical, mental, and emotional health.

With every TikTok video she posts, دوريان inspires her followers to prioritize their well-being and to use movement as a tool to connect with their bodies and minds.

Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or just starting your fitness journey, you won’t want to miss out on دوريان’s inspiring content.

So give her a follow and let yourself be motivated by her passion and dedication to living a healthy, balanced life.

Followers: 59,400

Engagement rate: 75.57%

Avg. engagement: 44,891

Avg. views: 2,010,591


In a world where technology reigns supreme, TikTok has emerged as the ultimate platform for content creators to showcase their talent and reach a global audience. And in Baghdad, these three fitness and yoga influencers have taken the TikTok world by storm.

Their contagious energy and passion for health and wellness have captured the hearts of millions, inspiring people to live their best lives and embrace their bodies. From sweaty workout routines to soothing yoga flows, they have mastered the art of curating engaging and transformative content in a way that’s simply mesmerizing.

In just a few short years, they have become icons of the fitness and wellness community, spreading positivity and hope in a world that can often feel chaotic and overwhelming. Their unique approach to wellness has given rise to a whole new generation of health enthusiasts, eager to follow in their footsteps and become the best possible versions of themselves.

So if you’re looking for some inspiration to help kickstart your fitness journey, look no further than these three incredible influencers. With their guidance and support, anything is possible – so go ahead and give them a follow.

You won’t regret it!