Meet the top 3 Instagram influencers in Teresina for electronics & computers in 2023 – IMAI

In the heart of Teresina, a booming electronics and computer industry has taken root. Technology has revolutionized our everyday lives, and these three Instagram influencers have taken it upon themselves to share their passion for all things tech with the world.

Their innovative content has amassed a loyal following and propelled them to the top of the digital game. Through the lens of their cameras, we get a glimpse of the latest gadgets, insightful industry news, and the future of computing.

In this blog, we will dive deeper into the lives of our three leading electronics and computers Instagram influencers from Teresina in 2023, uncovering their stories, influences, and what sets them apart in an ever-crowded digital landscape. So, buckle up and get ready to explore the cutting edge of tech, as we embark on a journey with our top tech influencers.

Top 3 electronics & computers Instagram influencers from Teresina:

1. sandy – @l3iturando

Meet Sandy, an Instagram influencer from Teresina with a passion for electronics and computers. Her Instagram handle is l3iturando, and she boasts a following of 9,416 individuals.

On TikTok, she averages 15,692 views per video, a remarkable feat in the ever-crowded world of influencers. What’s even more impressive is her average engagements per post, which stands at 4073, an indication that her followers are not just passive onlookers but active participants in her content.

What sets l3iturando apart from other influencers in the tech space is her engagement rate, which is a remarkable 43.26%. This is a testament to the quality of her content and the connection she has with her followers, as well as her consistency in producing valuable and informative tech-related posts.

With a strong following, high engagement rates, and her finger on the pulse of the latest advancements in tech and electronics, Sandy is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the influencer space.

Her dedication to her craft and her ability to connect with her followers make her a valuable asset to brands and businesses looking to tap into the power of social media influencing. So if you’re into all things tech-related, be sure to check out l3iturando on Instagram and TikTok.

Followers: 9,416

Engagement rate: 43.26%

Avg. engagement: 4,073

2. Universo de palavras –

Universo de palavras, the Instagram influencer from Teresina, has garnered 2,174 followers on the platform, with a notable 15.59% engagement rate on their posts. It’s clear that this influencer has a strong and active following.

On TikTok, they boast an average of 15,692 views per video and 339 average engagements per post. With these incredible statistics, it’s clear that Universo de palavras is making their mark in the electronics and computers industry.

Their username,, is aptly chosen for an influencer who is well-known for their communication skills and ability to articulate complex concepts with clarity. It’s likely that their followers appreciate their ability to break down difficult technical content into easy-to-understand language.

Universo de palavras’ feed is worth following if you’re interested in electronics or computers, as they undoubtedly have unique and valuable insights to share. It is no wonder that many have turned to this influencer for guidance and advice in the digital age.

Followers: 2,174

Engagement rate: 15.59%

Avg. engagement: 339

3. Letícia B. – @umlivro_umaxicaradcafe

Meet Letícia B. She’s an Instagram influencer from Teresina who’s all about electronics and computers.

Her username is umlivro_umaxicaradcafe, and she currently has 5,743 followers who are always looking forward to her latest posts. With an average of 15,692 views per TikTok, Letícia’s content is definitely resonating with her followers. She also boasts an impressive 211 average engagements per post, which translates to a 3.67% engagement rate.

Letícia’s expertise in the field of electronics and computers makes her an authority in her niche, and her followers trust and rely on her recommendations for the latest gadgets and tech products. If you’re looking to keep up with the latest trends and news in the world of electronics and computers, be sure to follow Letícia B. on Instagram!

Followers: 5,743

Engagement rate: 3.67%

Avg. engagement: 211


And with that, we come to the end of our journey through the world of electronics and computers on Instagram in Teresina in 2023. We hope that you’ve been blown away by the sheer scale of influence these three influencers possess in the digital realm.

Whether it’s through innovative product reviews, thought-provoking insights, or awe-inspiring visuals, these trendsetters are leading the charge in a world that’s constantly in flux.

It’s incredible to think that so much has changed in just a few short years.

From humble beginnings, they’ve skyrocketed to fame, thanks to their innate talent, unwavering passion, and tireless dedication. But what’s truly mind-blowing about their rise to the top is the impact they’ve had on the technology industry as a whole.

By pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, they’ve inspired countless others to follow in their footsteps and create a brighter, more connected world.

So, as we bid farewell to our three leading influencers of 2023, it’s clear that their influence will continue to grow and evolve for years to come.

They’ve proven that with hard work, creativity, and a genuine desire to make a difference, anything is possible. And who knows? Perhaps one day, we’ll look back on their legacy with awe and wonder, as the pioneers who changed the face of electronics and computers forever.