Meet the top Instagram camera & photography influencers from North Devon in 2023 – IMAI

North Devon has always been a haven for photographers. The combination of stunning natural landscapes with an unstoppable creative flair has made it a hub for some of the most remarkable camera and photography Instagram influencers in the world.

In this blog post, we’ll take a deep dive into the lives and work of three such remarkable influencers who have taken the platform by storm.

These photographers are not just capturing the world around us; they’re redefining it.

They’re taking us on a journey through their lenses, and we’re more than happy to follow their lead.

So, let’s grab our cameras, put on our hiking boots, and join the adventure with the three most remarkable camera and photography Instagram influencers of North Devon in 2023.

Top 3 camera & photography Instagram influencers from North Devon:

1. Tobias – @tobiasmantaray

Meet Tobias, the talented Instagram influencer and photography enthusiast from North Devon. With a devoted following of 69,449 followers, this gifted shutterbug never fails to capture the attention of his audience.

He is known for his stunning photographs that showcase his passion for the art form. From beautiful landscapes to exquisite portraits, his content is a feast for the eyes.

His TikTok following is even more impressive, with an average of 118,716 views per post. His photographs are not only visually captivating, but thought-provoking as well.

They often transport viewers to different places and leave them in a state of wonder.

Beyond his photography skills, Tobias is also an expert in engaging his followers. His posts average 9,908 engagements per post, with an outstanding engagement rate of 14.27%. His content is consistently well-received, thanks to his ability to deliver a unique and memorable experience each time.

Overall, Tobias’s talent in photography and his ability to showcase his work on social media have earned him a dedicated following. Keep an eye out for his latest posts, as they are sure to be as breathtaking as his previous ones.

Followers: 69,449

Engagement rate: 14.27%

Avg. engagement: 9,908

2. Ebony Webber – @ebony__webber

With her 13.7K followers on Instagram, Ebony Webber is one of the most influential camera and photography enthusiasts on this social media platform.

She belongs to North Devon and goes by the username ebony__webber. What’s jaw-dropping is her 118K average views per TikTok and 4.8K average engagements per post.

With a staggering 35.35% engagement rate, her audiences seem to love her work to bits. Her creativity with the camera and attention to detail in photography are things people look up to in Ebony Webber’s work.

Followers: 13,717

Engagement rate: 35.35%

Avg. engagement: 4,849

3. Ben Larg – @benlarg

Ben Larg is a renowned Instagram influencer in North Devon who is widely admired for his stunning photography skills. With an impressive 10,033 followers and an average of 118,716 views per TikTok, Ben has established a notable presence on social media platforms.

He posts captivating photographs that are visually appealing on his Instagram account with an exceptional average engagement rate of 11.88%. Ben’s content offers a perfect blend of creativity and expertise, earning him an average of 1,192 engagements per post. With his talent behind the lens, Ben Larg is certainly one of the most influential photographers on Instagram.

Followers: 10,033

Engagement rate: 11.88%

Avg. engagement: 1,192

Finishing Up:

As we conclude our journey through the stunning world of Instagram photography, we are left in awe by the incredible works of three remarkably talented camera and photography influencers from North Devon. Their artistry, creativity, and unwavering passion for capturing moments have won the hearts of millions worldwide, leaving a lasting impression on the digital landscape.

From the sheer expressive power of Sara’s street shots to Ben’s breathtaking landscapes, and Becky’s incredible ability to capture intimate moments, these photographers have forever changed the face of Instagram photography. Even as technology continues to advance, they remind us that photography is still about seeing beauty in the world, one snapshot at a time.

With their stunning works of art, these three North Devon camera and photography influencers have inspired and influenced generations of photographers to come. They remind us of the power of the visual arts and the infinite potential of storytelling through photography.

So here’s to Sara, Ben, and Becky – thank you for sharing your incredible talent with us. May your art continue to captivate, inspire and leave us in awe for many years to come.