Ranking Coimbatore’s Top 3 Art and Design Instagram Influencers to Follow in 2023 – IMAI

Art and design have always been a medium of expressing emotions, thoughts, and creativity. And with the advent of social media, Instagram has become a platform where artists can showcase and share their craft with the world.

In Coimbatore, a city in Tamil Nadu, India, the art and design scene has been thriving, and we’ve identified the top three Instagram influencers you need to follow for the ultimate inspiration! From unconventional art styles to unique design aesthetics, these talented creators are taking the social media world by storm. Without further ado, let’s dive into our list of top Instagram influencers in art and design in Coimbatore!

Top 3 art & design Instagram influencers from Coimbatore:

1. Darwin VDA – @darwin_vda

There’s a curious Instagram influencer from Coimbatore who goes by the handle darwin_vda. With an impressive 34,465 followers under their belt, they seem to have carved a niche for themselves in the world of art & design. But that’s not all.

They also have an impressive average of 468290 views per TikTok video, which speaks volumes about their creativity and visual sensibilities.

Not only that, but their Instagram posts also seem to fare quite wellโ€”raking in an average engagement rate of 669.67% per post with an average of 230,803 engagements in total.

It’s no wonder their followers seem to eat up everything they do like there’s no tomorrow!

What makes darwin_vda stand out is their innate knack for capturing attention with visually stunning posts. There’s always something creative, eye-catching, and even mesmerizing about their work.

It might be hard to put a finger on what exactly sets them apart, but there’s no denying that they have an ethereal touch, that je ne sais quoi that makes their work stand out amidst the plethora of content out there.

In a world where art forms are constantly evolving and competing for attention, darwin_vda‘s followers can rest assured that they’ll always have something captivating and visually arresting to look at.

So if you’re a fan of amazing art and design, make sure to give darwin_vda a follow!

Followers: 34,465

Engagement rate: 669.67%

Avg. engagement: 230,803

2. Dev Abishek | Filmmaker – @dev.abishek

Dev Abishek, the popular art and design influencer from Coimbatore, is taking the social media world by storm with his mesmerizing creativity and filmmaking skills. Boasting a whopping 14,675 followers on Instagram with a stunning 468,290 average views per TikTok, Dev.

abishek is the epitome of online stardom. But what’s truly impressive are his average engagement rates, averaging at a whopping 18,239 engagements per post, and a staggering 124.29% engagement rate in his posts.

This level of influence and audience interaction is truly remarkable, and it’s no wonder that fans are drawn to his unique aesthetic and creative flair. For those looking for inspiration or just something beautiful to behold, Dev Abishek is definitely an influencer worth following.

Followers: 14,675

Engagement rate: 124.29%

Avg. engagement: 18,239

3. Mohana ?? – @mohana_divinetoes

Meet Mohana ??, the highly acclaimed Instagram influencer hailing from Coimbatore, who goes by the username mohana_divinetoes. With a massive following of 29,251, Mohana has left an indelible mark on the world of art and design on Instagram.

She is a master at creating visually stunning and unique content that is a feast for the eyes, and her artistic skills are truly a sight to behold.

Mohana’s popularity is not limited to Instagram alone, as she has amassed a whopping average of 468290 views on TikTok per post, showcasing her versatility across different social media platforms.

It’s hardly surprising given the incredible skill and panache Mohana brings to the table with each post.

Each of Mohana’s posts garners an average of 13,244 engagements, with an incredibly high engagement rate of 45.28%, proving the sheer impact that her work has on her audience.

She has an incredible flair for creating content that resonates with her followers, and this is reflected in the staggering engagement numbers she commands.

In the world of Instagram influencers, Mohana stands out as a trailblazer, bringing her own unique perspective and style to her art and design.

Her account, mohana_divinetoes, is a treasure trove of creativity, a must-follow for anyone looking to infuse their social media feed with stunning visuals and exquisite artistry. It’s hard not to be captivated by Mohana’s talent and vision, and we can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!

Followers: 29,251

Engagement rate: 45.28%

Avg. engagement: 13,244


In conclusion, these three art and design Instagram influencers in Coimbatore are paving the way for a new era of creativity and inspiration in the digital world. Their unique styles and captivating content have not only earned them massive followings, but also ignited a passion for the arts in their audiences.

Whether it’s the sleek, modern designs of Influencer X, the whimsical and enchanting works of Influencer Y, or the bold and vibrant pieces of Influencer Z, these individuals are making their mark on the art world and beyond.

From their stunning photographs to their thought-provoking captions, each of these influencers brings something special to the table.

They are proof that art and design can have a powerful impact on social media and beyond.

So as we look ahead to 2023, it’s clear that these three influencers will continue to push boundaries, inspire others, and make waves in the art world.

We can’t wait to see what they have in store!