Ranking the top 3 Instagram influencers in Vigo for coffee, tea and beverages in 2023 – IMAI

In the ever-growing world of social media, Instagram has become a go-to platform for all things related to food and beverages. From pictures of delicious treats to insightful tutorials on coffee brewing techniques, Instagram has it all.

And when it comes to coffee, tea, and other beverages, Vigo is a city that boasts some of the most noteworthy influencers in the game. These influencers not only have a keen eye for aesthetics and visual storytelling, but they also bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

So, we’ve put together a curated list of three of the most worthy influencers in Vigo for 2023. With a keen eye for detail and an ability to infuse their unique perspective into every post, these influencers are the ones to watch out for in the coming year.

So, let’s take a deep dive into the world of Vigo’s coffee, tea, and beverage Instagram influencers and discover what makes them so special.

Top 3 coffee, tea & beverages Instagram influencers from Vigo:

1. Marcos González – @marcosgonzalez_barista

Marcos González, an Instagram influencer hailing from Vigo, possesses a unique perspective on coffee, tea, and beverages. With a commanding presence and an outspoken voice, he shares his knowledge and love for these beverages through his Instagram account, marcosgonzalez_barista.

Accompanied by an impressive following of 2,057 individuals, his content is witnessed through an average of 1999 views per TikTok and an average of 155 engagements per post. His followers are drawn to his engaging content and impressive 7.54% engagement rate, which fosters a sense of community among his audience.

Taking the time to intimately explore and share the various nuances of coffee, tea, and beverages, Marcos manages to offer a fresh and unique perspective on these classic drinks. With his expertise and powerfully expressive demeanor, he’s quickly making a name for himself on this platform.

Followers: 2,057

Engagement rate: 7.54%

Avg. engagement: 155

2. Barista Miguel Paez – @barista.miguelp

Barista Miguel Paez is a well-known influencer on Instagram who is passionate about coffee, tea, and all kinds of beverages. With an impressive following of 1,743 and an average of 1999 views per TikTok, Barista Miguel Paez is a respected voice in the industry.

Their engagement rate of 2.98% is remarkable, considering their niche focus on coffee and tea, which indicates a strong level of enthusiasm and interest among their followers. Through their Instagram account, Barista Miguel Paez shares creative and original content that is both informative and visually stunning.

This influencer’s expertise in coffee and tea brewing is evident in their posts and is likely the reason why they have a strong and loyal following.

With an average engagement of 52 per post, it’s clear that Barista Miguel Paez is a voice that resonates among coffee lovers.

Overall, Barista Miguel Paez is a remarkable influencer with a strong social media presence and a passion for beverages that they share with their followers. Fans and followers can expect to learn something new and exciting about the world of beverages every time they visit this incredible influencer’s page.

Followers: 1,743

Engagement rate: 2.98%

Avg. engagement: 52

3. Asociación Autismo Bata – @asociacion_autismobata

Asociación Autismo Bata is an Instagram influencer from Vigo specializing in coffee, tea, and various beverages. With a username of asociacion_autismobata, they currently have 1,363 followers and claim an average of 1,999 views per TikTok with an average of 46 engagements per post.

Their engagement rate stands at 3.37%, indicating notable engagement among their followers.

Followers: 1,363

Engagement rate: 3.37%

Avg. engagement: 46

The Bottom Line:

As we bid adieu to this blog post, we leave you with a visionary outlook for the future of coffee, tea, and beverage influencers in Vigo.

With the rise of social media and Instagram, we anticipate the emergence of innovative and creative influencers that push the boundaries of conventional beverage culture.

Their varying styles and methods, coupled with their commitment to quality and taste, will set them apart as trailblazers in the industry. From artisanal coffee roasters to sophisticated tea mixologists, they will influence the way we consume and enjoy our beverages.

The perplexity of their knowledge and understanding of the industry will leave us asking for more as they continue to showcase their love for coffee, tea, and beverages through their Instagram pages.

Their constant burstiness of ideas and inspiration will keep us engaged and excited about the possibilities of what can be achieved, pushing us to explore new and exciting avenues in the beverage space.

So as we look to 2023 and beyond, we eagerly await the emergence of new and noteworthy coffee, tea, and beverage Instagram influencers in Vigo that will continue to delight and surprise us with every post.