Revving up our Top Influencers List: Kinna’s 3 Phenomenal Vehicles-themed Instagram Personalities to Follow in 2023 – IMAI

When it comes to cars and motorbikes, we all want to stay on-trend, be up to speed, and follow the latest fashion. And where better to find the hottest trends than on Instagram? There are numerous influencers out there that have taken the social media realm by storm with their unique take on everything automotive.

But in Kinna, there are three that stand out and are set to take 2023 by storm. Buckle up and get ready to discover our three phenomenal cars and motorbikes Instagram influencers in Kinna, Sweden, who are doing it like nobody else.

From their personal style to their ride of choice, these influencers inspire us all in their own different ways.

Top 3 cars & motorbikes Instagram influencers from Kinna:

1. Martin Gunnarsson – @gunnarsson9208

Martin Gunnarsson is a popular Instagram influencer hailing from Kinna. He is a well-known figure in the automotive industry, and has taken social media by storm with his captivating content.

His Instagram handle, gunnarsson9208, boasts a following of 1,837 individuals, while his TikTok videos garner an average of 10,789 views each. Martin enjoys exceptional engagement on his posts, receiving an average of 166 engagements with a high engagement rate of 9.04%. Martin shares his love for cars and motorbikes through posts that are equal parts informative and entertaining.

He often shares his expert opinion on various automotive-related topics, making his page a go-to source for car enthusiasts. His posts are varied and engaging, featuring everything from pictures of sleek sports cars to videos of high-speed motorbikes racing down the highway.

Fans of Martin can rely on his Instagram page for exciting and insightful content that is sure to delight and excite.

Followers: 1,837

Engagement rate: 9.04%

Avg. engagement: 166

2. Rondellen Maskin – @rondellenmaskin

Rondellen Maskin, the popular Instagram influencer from Kinna, is a true gearhead. With a username that perfectly encapsulates their love for all things motoring, Rondellen has amassed an impressive following of 3,056 followers on the social media platform.

Their passion for cars and motorbikes is evident in every post, which regularly receive an average of 10,789 views on TikTok, proving the enduring popularity of this sleek and stylish mode of transport.

But Rondellen’s popularity extends beyond just eyeballs.

Each post also receives an average of 77 engagements, resulting in an impressive engagement rate of 2.52%. It’s clear that their followers are not only interested in the stunning images and videos of cars and motorbikes from around the world, but are invested in the motoring community that Rondellen has built over time.

From photos of luxurious sports cars speeding down winding roads to close-up shots of gleaming motorbikes, Rondellen’s Instagram feed is a feast for the senses.

With their expert eye for detail and design, Rondellen is able to capture the essence of each vehicle they feature and share it with their followers, creating a community of like-minded enthusiasts who can’t get enough of this timeless mode of transport.

Despite their focus on cars and motorbikes, Rondellen comes across as a relatable and affable influencer who simply loves sharing their passion with anyone who will listen.

Whether you’re a seasoned petrolhead or a casual admirer of beautiful machinery, Rondellen’s Instagram and TikTok are guaranteed to inspire and excite your inner gearhead. So if you haven’t already, it’s time to follow Rondellen Maskin and join the motoring revolution!

Followers: 3,056

Engagement rate: 2.52%

Avg. engagement: 77

3. CFMOTO SWEDEN – @cfmotosweden

CFMOTO SWEDEN is a prolific Instagram influencer hailing from Kinna, with a focus on all things cars and motorbikes. With a current following of 3,175 and an impressive average views of 10,789 per TikTok, this influencer knows how to capture audiences.

The average engagement rate for their posts is 2.17%, with an average of 69 engagements per post. Their captivating content consists of snapshots and videos of sleek and powerful vehicles, garnering attention and curiosity from both car enthusiasts and casual viewers alike.

Their username is cfmotosweden, and their Instagram is definitely worth a follow for those who appreciate the finer things in automotive aesthetics.

Followers: 3,175

Engagement rate: 2.17%

Avg. engagement: 69

The Bottom Line:

As we draw the curtain on our journey through the world of cars and motorbikes in Kinna, it’s evident that these Instagram influencers are here to stay, having set the internet ablaze with their breathtaking content.

From the sleek design of the Bugatti Chiron to the high-speed adrenaline rush of the BMW S1000RR, these incredible machines are truly a sight to behold and experience in action.

Capturing their allure through stunning photography and gripping video footage, our three phenomenal influencers have managed to elevate the world of cars and motorbikes to new heights and inspire countless petrolheads around the world.

So, whether you’re a die-hard gearhead or just someone who appreciates these magnificent machines, be sure to follow these influencers for a front-row seat to the amazing rides that await us in 2023 and beyond.