San Lorenzo’s Top 7 Fitness and Yoga Influencers on TikTok in 2023

Are you looking to get inspired and motivated to work on your fitness and yoga goals? Then you should look no further than San Lorenzo’s top 7 fitness and yoga influencers on TikTok in 2023! These amazing influencers are using the platform to spread their inspiring messages, fun workouts, and yoga sessions to all their fans around the world. So get ready to get motivated and get your best fit and healthy self in no time!

Top 7 fitness & yoga TikTok influencers from San Lorenzo:

1. Sol De Oia – @soldeoia

Sol De Oia is a fitness and yoga TikTok influencer hailing from San Lorenzo. With close to 20,000 followers and over 160,000 average views per TikTok, they have built their audience greatly.

With an average of 5,358 engagements and a 27.48% engagement rate, their posts are consistently engaging and gaining increased attention. With a focus on promoting a healthy lifestyle through fitness and yoga, Sol De Oia is a great inspiration for many.

Followers: 19,500

Engagement rate: 27.48%

Avg. engagement: 5,358

Avg. views: 163,934

2. Caro Calvagni – @carocalvagni

Caro Calvagni is a prominent fitness and yoga TikTok influencer from San Lorenzo. She has 158,000 followers and averages 805030 views per TikTok, 90,170 engagements per post and 57.07% engagement rate in her posts.

Her content focuses on yoga, fitness, and wellbeing providing her followers with healthy lifestyle advice and guidance.

Followers: 158,000

Engagement rate: 57.07%

Avg. engagement: 90,170

Avg. views: 805,030

3. mateo.holway – @mateo.holway

Mateo.Holway is a TikTok influencer from San Lorenzo who focuses on fitness and yoga content. With 6,376 and 4153 average views per TikTokand on average 283 engagements per post, Mateo.

Holway has an impressive 4.44% engagement rate. Their content is both inspirational and entertaining, focussing on helping their audience embrace healthy active lifestyles.

Followers: 6,376

Engagement rate: 4.44%

Avg. engagement: 283

Avg. views: 4,153

4. Bruno Rodriguez – @brunorodriguez_ef2

Bruno Rodriguez, an influencer from San Lorenzo on TikTok, goes by the username brunorodriguez_ef2. His workout and yoga videos have gained him 41.

500 followers and averages at 135.873 views per post.

His post also tend to get a whopping 14.853 engagements on average, giving them an extraordinary engagement rate of 35.79%.

Followers: 41,500

Engagement rate: 35.79%

Avg. engagement: 14,853

Avg. views: 135,873

5. Silvia de Dios – @casadetarakundaliniyoga

Silvia de Dios, also known as casadetarakundaliniyoga, is a popular fitness and yoga influencer from San Lorenzo. With an average of 2,548 views and 5425 engagements per post, Silvia has a very successful online presence.

Her engagement rate of 15.93% and average of 406 engagements per post demonstrate her significance within the online and TikTok communities.

Followers: 2,548

Engagement rate: 15.93%

Avg. engagement: 406

Avg. views: 5,425

6. Tomรกs Gomez – @tomas_gomez11

Tomรกs Gomez is a fitness and yoga influencer from San Lorenzo with the username tomas_gomez11. He has an impressive following of 13,500 people and his average TikTok post receives 114056 views, with an average engagement rate of 20,323 per post and a very high engagement rate of 150.54%. Tomรกs enjoys inspiring others to live an active and healthy lifestyle and to tap into the power of yoga.

Followers: 13,500

Engagement rate: 150.54%

Avg. engagement: 20,323

Avg. views: 114,056

7. Espiritual_luz.ananda ??? – @espiritual_luz.ananda

Espiritual_luz.ananda is a TikTok influencer from San Lorenzo who’s mission is to inspire and motivate others to lead healthier, more mindful and spiritual lifestyles.

Their content covers yoga poses and meditations and simple exercises for increasing physical fitness. With 12,300 followers and 8,489 average views per post, Espiritual_luz.

ananda is making an impact on health and fitness messages in the TikTok community. With an average engagement of 403 engagements per post and a 3.28% engagement rate, this influencer is a great resource for finding guidance in achieving a healthier lifestyle.

Followers: 12,300

Engagement rate: 3.28%

Avg. engagement: 403

Avg. views: 8,489

The Bottom Line:

As we look ahead to what the next year will bring, it will be interesting to see which fitness and yoga influencers manage to keep their momentum going and remain at the top of TikTok for 2024. Until then, one thing is certain: San Lorenzo’s thriving fitness and yoga scene will remain a beacon of wellness and self-care for years to come.