Social Listening is Here to Stay: Introducing Our Newest Feature!


If you haven’t heard of it yet, social listening is a method of social media data measurement that determines the popularity of a brand or company using information taken from their and their competitors’ social channels. Social listening tools have become a go-to solution for brands as they develop their social media marketing and influencer-based campaigns given that over half of social media users use the platforms, from Facebook to TikTok, to research new products. Without social listening tools, brands would have to spend hours researching hashtags, influencers and campaigns from their top competitors or like-minded brands to get a better idea of the content that they should be creating.

That’s why, we’ve got great news for our IMAI users…

Introducing our new Social Listening tool!

Here’s how it works:

Our newest addition to the IMAI platform, the Social Listening tool, has two powerful and very useful capabilities.

The first capability is the Sponsored Tag search, allowing users to understand and evaluate what competitors are doing on Instagram. It allows users to quickly scan through content that competitors have produced with influencers, understand the different influencers that are working with competitors, see the number of likes, comments and more. It is also possible to see competitors’ total number of followers, get a comprehensive look at their different campaigns and generally assess the success of their sponsored posts.

The second capability (and really cool) capability that comes with our Social Listening tool is a really precise and super thorough Custom Tag search that is incredibly useful for marketers’ campaign reporting. The tool allows social media marketers to track organic content according to a unique identifier, such as a campaign-specific hashtag, by filtering out posts that are tagged as #sponsored or #ad.

Let’s take a deep dive into both of these capabilities: 

The Sponsored Tag

As mentioned, the Sponsored Tag search gives you a good idea of the campaigns that your competitors are running on social media and helps you gauge their overall success.

Check the feature out for yourself. Start by taking a brand handle that you are interested in analyzing and copy it into the “Mentions” box. Then click “Show Campaign Posts” on the right side of your screen. In an instant, you’ll be able to view all of the different content created by influencers associated with that brand handle through sponsored posts. Take a look a their total number of followers and the total number of likes for their campaigns. Then, go a step further and get drill down data for specific parameters, like location and associated hashtags, so that you can design your campaign with best practices in mind.

A little tip – if you click on “View More”, you’ll get a better visual comparison of associated hashtags that can be a big help when choosing tags for your campaigns.

The Custom Tag

This is a real game-changer for the social listening game. Instead of focusing just on what your competitors are doing, take a deeper look at your current social and influencer marketing campaigns using your unique hashtags. With this feature, you get the underlying message of the campaign’s performance within just a few minutes, making it easier to analyze and assess overtime. 

Try it by entering a unique hashtag that you used for one of your campaigns (or if you are just starting out, try one of our’s, #We_Are_Samsung). Then click “Show Campaign Posts” on the right side of your screen. Wait for the search to do its work and you’ll be presented with all of the sponsored and organic content that was created using the hashtag.

A tip from us – make the hashtag you are searching for as specific as possible in order to get the  most exact results. 

Once you have the data you’re looking for on the custom tag, save your project under any name you like and come back to it when you’re ready. Don’t forget to click “Save” in the right hand corner and you can go back to the custom tag you searched whenever you need to see how your or your competitors’ campaigns are performing.

Our Social Listening feature is a simple and easy way to get more data-driven results from your social media campaigns! Try it out now and tell us what you think.