Spectacular 3 cars & motorbikes Instagram influencers from Ponta Grossa for 2023

The world of Instagram influencers is constantly evolving and now we are seeing more and more influencers from Ponta Grossa focusing on car and motorbike culture. In this blog post, we’re going to look at some of the most spectacular 3 car and motorbike Instagram influencers from Ponta Grossa for 2023, who are sharing exciting content about the latest trends in cars and motorbikes.

From their captivating and inspiring images of luxury cars and sports bikes, to their styling tips and maintenance advice, there’s something for everyone in these top Instagram influencers – so keep reading to find out more!

Top 3 cars & motorbikes Instagram influencers from Ponta Grossa:

1. Ranger “Helô” – @ranger_helo_3.0

Ranger “Helô” is an Instagram influencer from Ponta Grossa, Brazil, with the username ranger_helo_3.0. He specializes in cars and motorbikes, and his posts have gained him a total of 8869 engagements and 2438 likes, resulting in an overall engagement rate of 27.49%.

Followers: 8,869

Engagement rate: 27.0%

Avg. engagement: 2,438

2. Andrézão Custom Garage – @andrezaocustom

Andrézão Custom Garage is an influential Instagram account based in Ponta Grossa, Paraná, Brazil. The account, operating under the username andrezaocustom, posts customised car and motorbike content, with a current engagement rate of 16.34%. With impressive engagement levels of 2356 and 385, Andrézão Custom Garage is an effective hub for automotive inspiration and expertise.

Followers: 2,356

Engagement rate: 16.0%

Avg. engagement: 385

3. ✖️ BaixosVolks ✖️ – @baixosvolks

✖️ BaixosVolks ✖️ is a cars & motorbikes Instagram influencer from Ponta Grossa with a following of 7022 and 300 engagements, giving them an engagement rate of 4.27%. They post stunning photos of cars and motorcycles that promote the automotive lifestyle. They are a great source of inspiration and information on the world of cars and motorcycles.

Followers: 7,022

Engagement rate: 4.0%

Avg. engagement: 300


2023 is just around the corner, so mark your calendars and get ready for one of the biggest events in Ponta Grossa – the Spectacular 3 cars and motorbikes Instagram influencers. From stunning luxury cars to rugged motorbikes, there’s something for every car and bike enthusiast to enjoy.

With plenty of opportunity for amazing pictures and videos of your favourite vehicles, you’ll be sure to come away with some incredible content for your feed. So don’t miss out – book your tickets to this motoring extravaganza and join in on the fun! We’ll see you there!