The 2023 Art & Design Instagram Influencer Guide: The Top 10 Influencers in Barsbüttel

It’s finally 2023, and Barsbüttel’s art and design scene is booming! With more and more seasoned professionals, modern creatives, and even complete newbies entering the fray, Barsbüttel has become one of Germany’s most vibrant and inspiring cultural hubs. But who are the biggest Instagram influencers dominating the creative landscape? Here’s our list of the 10 highest art and design Instagram influencers at Barsbüttel in 2023, who are not only making waves in the creative industry but also leaving their mark in the world of social media.

Top 10 art & design Instagram influencers from Barsbüttel:

1. Erik Schmitt – @erik__schmitt

Erik Schmitt (@erik__schmitt) is an Art & Design Instagram influencer from Barsbüttel who is popular for their finely crafted TikTok videos. They boast massive success with 146,052 followers and an average of 109451 views per TikTok.

Their posts also receive 373,845 average engagements and a total engagement rate of 255.97%. Follow Erik Schmitt to follow creative, inspiring art & design trends.

Followers: 146,052

Engagement rate: 255.97%

Avg. engagement: 373,845

2. DENNIS KYERE – @dennismik

DENNIS KYERE, an art and design Instagram influencer based in Barsbüttel, has a large and growing following of 490,390 fans, who avidly follow along as he shares his creative process. His TikToks have an average of 109 451 views, while his Instagram posts have an impressive average of 329 877 engagements, resulting in a staggering engagement rate of 67.27%. His unique and creative content is a big hit with his audience and has earned him an impressive following over social media.

Followers: 490,390

Engagement rate: 67.27%

Avg. engagement: 329,877

3. Anni – @annikin__

This dynamic Instagram influencer from Barsbüttel, Germany, goes by the username @annikin__ and has already amassed 23,700 followers! Anni has an impressive amount of engagement with an average of 109,451 views per TikTok and 121,062 average engagements per post along with an astounding 510.81% engagement rate in her posts. With such impressive numbers, it’s no surprise Anni is doing so well!

Followers: 23,700

Engagement rate: 510.81%

Avg. engagement: 121,062

4. darkviktory studios – @darkviktorystudios

Darkviktory Studios, an art and design Instagram influencer based in Barsbüttel, is making headlines. Their incredible 54,595 follower count and average engagement rate of 90.19% in their posts is no surprise.

109451 average views per TikTok and 49,239 average engagements per post show the sheer success of their content. With such a strong presence on the platforms, DarkViktory Studios are definitely one to watch.

Followers: 54,595

Engagement rate: 90.19%

Avg. engagement: 49,239

5. Rabi Alieva ? – @rabi__rabi

Rabi Alieva (@rabi__rabi), a renowned art and design influencer from Barsbüttel, is popular all over the world with her impressive 236,142 followers on Instagram. Having curated 109,451 average views per TikTok, an astonishing 46,781 average engagements per post and an incredible 19.81% engagement rate, Rabi Alieva is an example of how creativity can bring people together.

Followers: 236,142

Engagement rate: 19.81%

Avg. engagement: 46,781

6. 明珠?minh – @aniteami

The incredibly successful art & design influencer from Barsbüttel, 明珠?minh (also known by their Instagram username @aniteami) has captured the attention of a global audience, amassing 103,397 followers. Minh’s creative work is cutting-edge, their posts routinely bringing in 109,451 views per TikTok and an impressive 32,617 average engagements, resulting in an impressive engagement rate of 31.55%. With continuing great success on both Instagram and TikTok, 明珠?minh is a vital voice in the art & design world.

Followers: 103,397

Engagement rate: 31.55%

Avg. engagement: 32,617

7. Yenvy – @helios__moon

Yenvy (@helios__moon), an art & design Instagram influencer from Barsbüttel, Germany, has achieved a massive social media following, with over 138,000 followers. As their creativity knows no bounds, both the platform engagement rate and the quality of content remain consistently outstanding. On average, Yenvy’s TikTok videos are viewed 109,451 times, and their posts receive a whooping 26,205 average engagements with an 18.9% engagement rate.

Followers: 138,627

Engagement rate: 18.9%

Avg. engagement: 26,205

8. Valerie Lin – @itsvalerielin

Valerie Lin is an art & design influencer from Barsbüttel, Germany. Her Instagram account itsvalerielin has garnered 102,724 followers and has an impressive 19.04% engagement rate on her posts.

On TikTok, Valerie has reached 109451 average views per video with 19,558 average engagements per post. Be sure to follow Valerie and keep up to date with her unique and eye-catching art & design creations.

Followers: 102,724

Engagement rate: 19.04%

Avg. engagement: 19,558

9. Helge Mark Lodder – @helge.mark

The art & design influencer from Barsbüttel called Helge Mark Lodder, who goes by the username @helge.mark on Instagram, is an inspiring figure with 170,589 followers. His posts usually receive 18,349 average engagements, generating a staggering 10.76% engagement rate in each post. He is also present on Tiktok, where his posts get an average of 109,451 views.

With an extensive online presence, Helge Mark Lodder is an inspiring artist & influencer.

Followers: 170,589

Engagement rate: 10.76%

Avg. engagement: 18,349

10. MaR-KUSs✨ – @menschmaki_markelicious

MaR-KUSs✨, an artistic Instagram influencer from Barsbüttel, is making waves in the social media world. With 2,195 followers and 109,451 average views per TikTok, their posts receive an impressive 16,936 average engagements and a staggering 771.57% engagement rate.

From vibrant and expressive illustrations to awe-inspiring art pieces, MaR-KUSs✨ is powering the art and design of tomorrow. Follow @menschmaki_markelicious and feast your eyes on their mesmerizing artwork.

Followers: 2,195

Engagement rate: 771.57%

Avg. engagement: 16,936


There is no doubt that Barsbüttel is the place to be if you want to connect with the top art & design influencers of 2023 and beyond. Their Instagram presence is an ever-expanding hub of creativity that continues to challenge and inspire.

As the top ten highest art & design influencers on Instagram in Barsbüttel demonstrate, the world is open to a wealth of possibilities and it is up to us to make the most of it. Who knows where this adventure will take us next?!