The 3 revolutionary art & design Instagram influencers of Offenburg in 2023

Welcome to the inspiring world of art and design! Now more than ever, art and design are leading the way in reimagining our world. These three revolutionary influencers of Offenburg, Germany, in 2023 embody this spirit of imagination.

Their unique perspectives and breathtaking creations have captured the attention of art and design enthusiasts everywhere. Read on to learn more about these three amazing influencers and what makes their works so special.

Top 3 art & design Instagram influencers from Offenburg:

1. Ballettstudio Grรผndler – @ballettstudio.gruendler

Ballettstudio Grรผndler is an art & design Instagram influencer based in Offenburg, Germany. They have over 4,124 followers and 436 engagements, giving them an impressive 10.57% engagement rate. Their content focuses on art & design, including ballet class updates, school performances, and costume design.

Followers can also expect behind-the-scenes looks at their rehearsal process.

Followers: 4,124

Engagement rate: 10.57%

Avg. engagement: 436

2. OG PROJECTS – @og_projects

OG PROJECTS is an art & design Instagram influencer based in Offenburg, Germany. They have an impressive user base of 4622 followers and on average receive 176 engagements per post.

OG PROJECTS showcases stunning pieces of mixed-media artwork with a focus on street art, graphics and typography. Their Instagram profile is updated regularly, and they have a high engagement rate of 3.81%, making them a great choice to promote art & design related products and services.

Followers: 4,622

Engagement rate: 3.81%

Avg. engagement: 176

3. Joschua Petzoldt – @joschua_petzoldt

Joschua Petzoldt is an art and design Instagram influencer from Offenburg, Germany, with the username joschua_petzoldt. He has 1598 followers with 73 engagements and a 4.57% engagement rate, making him a powerful figure in the art and design community. His Instagram focuses on his art, his design projects, and his unique take on art and design.

With high-quality pictures, Joschua brings interesting and creative concepts to the fore, inspiring others to create artwork of their own.

Followers: 1,598

Engagement rate: 4.57%

Avg. engagement: 73

In Short:

When it comes to art and design, the Instagram influencers of Offenburg in 2023 are making waves. Whether theyโ€™re inspiring others to take up art and design, experimenting with new ideas, or simply showing off their latest work, theyโ€™re bringing something new and exciting to the city.

Keep your eyes peeled for more innovative ideas, as these three Offenburg influencers continue to make their mark.