The 6 leading luxury goods TikTok influencers of Nolay in 2023

With a growing influence from the digital platform TikTok, it’s no surprise that luxury goods influencers are taking this area of the influencer world by storm. From fashion to beauty to lifestyle, these influencers have cultivated their own unique content to cater to their audience.

As we look to 2023, the luxury goods influencers in Nolay have continued to grow in popularity and are certainly making some major waves. In this blog post, we will be taking a look at the six leading luxury goods influencers of Nolay in 2023 and exploring their unique content and brand identity.

Whether you’re looking to start making more luxurious content, or just want to get to know the big names in the industry, this blog post is a must-read. So buckle up and let’s dive in to explore the leading luxury goods influencers of Nolay in 2023.

Top 6 luxury goods TikTok influencers from Nolay:

1. Luxury – @luxureeen

Luxury is a Nolay-based TikTok influencer renowned for her luxury-based content. With a username of luxureeen and a follower count of 210,600, Luxury’s posts generate an impressive 41686 average views and 8,261 average engagements, translating to a 3.92% engagement rate. Follow Luxury to stay in the loop of the luxe life.

Followers: 210,600

Engagement rate: 3.92%

Avg. engagement: 8,261

Avg. views: 41,686

2. BRINA ? – @sabrinatoutcourt8

BRINA is a popular TikTok influencer from Nolay using the username sabrinatoutcourt8. She is known for her luxury goods influence and has an average of 1248 views and 2354 engagements per post, for an engagement rate of 7.21%. Her content is known to attract a high rate of interactions from her audience and is a great source to learn more about luxury good shopping.

Followers: 1,248

Engagement rate: 7.21%

Avg. engagement: 90

Avg. views: 2,354

3. La Mongolerie – @cpasdeslollss

La Mongolerie is a luxury goods TikTok influencer from Nolay, France with the username @cpasdeslollss. La Mongolerie has approximately 15,800 followers and 440616 average views per TikTok. Their posts have an impressive 70,968 average engagements per post and 449.16% engagement rate. La Mongolerie is a popular influencer in the luxury goods niche and is an expert in showcasing the latest luxury items.

Followers: 15,800

Engagement rate: 449.16%

Avg. engagement: 70,968

Avg. views: 440,616

4. Chaโ€™ – @umbrella.histoire.vf

Chaโ€™, a luxury goods TikTok influencer from Nolay, has an average of 1,495 views and 476 engagements per post, showcasing a 31.84% engagement rate in their posts. Their username is umbrella.histoire.

vf and their content features luxury accessories and products.

Followers: 1,495

Engagement rate: 31.84%

Avg. engagement: 476

Avg. views: 3,212

5. Maxime Cudeville –

Maxime Cudeville is a luxury goods TikTok influencer from Nolay. His username is max. and his posts have an average of 3,192 views and 6,674 engagements, giving him a 224.5% engagement rate.

He is highly successful in promoting luxury items on the platform, and continues to do so to great effect.

Followers: 3,192

Engagement rate: 224.5%

Avg. engagement: 7,166

Avg. views: 66,739

6. mina – @ntshmina

Mina from Nolay, known on TikTok as ntshmina, is a luxury goods influencer who posts content on the platform related to luxury items. With an average of 8,062 views and 5,546 engagements per post, Mina has a engagement rate of 68.79%. If you’re looking for the latest luxury trends, be sure to check out Mina’s posts.

Followers: 8,062

Engagement rate: 68.79%

Avg. engagement: 5,546

Avg. views: 34,830

In a Nutshell:

The 6 leading luxury goods TikTok influencers of Nolay in 2023 have shown us the power of leveraging social media to create innovative, boundary-breaking and stylish promotional approaches. As we all know, luxury goods is a competitive business, but with creative marketers and influencers on their side, these leading brands are sure to remain on top.

As these leading influencers continue to engage their audiences and push the boundaries of luxury goods marketing, we can all be sure that this industry will remain just as competitive and innovative as ever.