The Top 2023 Electronics & Computers Influencers From Haarlem: 3 Extraordinary Instagram Stars

Introducing the world’s most influential social media powerhouses of 2021 – the top electronics and computer influencers from Haarlem. From inspiring Instagram stars to cutting-edge tech bloggers, these individuals have been at the vanguard of the tech revolution in recent years.

With their expert insights, sharp wit and infectious enthusiasm, these influencers are a must-follow for anyone with an interest in the latest advances in computing and electronics. In this blog post, we will shine the spotlight on three extraordinary Instagram stars from Haarlem.

Get ready to be dazzled!

Top 3 electronics & computers Instagram influencers from Haarlem:

1. Jeroen Fritz | travel photos – @jeroen.fritz

Jeroen Fritz from Haarlem is an electronics & computers Instagram influencer whose travel photos have earned him over 12,552 followers and 2042 average views per TikTok. He usually has a 909 average engagements per post and a 7.24% engagement rate.

His username is jeroen.fritz.

Followers: 12,552

Engagement rate: 7.24%

Avg. engagement: 909

2. StefanMeutstegeSoundDesign???? – @stefan.meutstege.wav

StefanMeutstegeSoundDesign???? is an Instagram influencer from Haarlem, Netherlands. With an impressive following of over 3,290 followers, this influencer focuses on electronics, computers and music.

On average Stefan’s TikToks have 2042 views and 90 engagements per post with a solid 2.74% engagement rate, making them one of the top influencers in the technology and music scene.

Followers: 3,290

Engagement rate: 2.74%

Avg. engagement: 90

3. Buti Yoga in The Netherlands ? – @butiyoga4eva

Buti Yoga is an electronics & computers Instagram influencer from Haarlem in The Netherlands. With the username butiyoga4eva, they have an average of 1,820 views and 2042 average views per TikTok, averaging 69 average engagements per post with a 3.79% engagement rate.

They use their platform to inform and educate their followers about up to date technological advancements.

Followers: 1,820

Engagement rate: 3.79%

Avg. engagement: 69


It is exciting to think of the potential that the top 2023 Electronics & Computers influencers from Haarlem have to offer. They are the trendsetters, trend makers, and trend shapers of today and tomorrow.

They have already made a major impact on the technology world and their influence will only continue to grow. We need to take note of them, learn from their experience, and support their efforts.

Letโ€™s keep our eyes open, and embrace the inspiring opportunities that the future might bring.