The Top 3 Cambridge Instagram Influencers Sharing Healthy Lifestyle Habits in 2023

Welcome to the future! It has been just 3 years since the world has started to prioritize healthy lifestyles, and Cambridge has been leading the charge! Here, we’ll explore the top 3 Cambridge Instagram influencers who are setting the tone for a healthier and greener city by 2023. From plant-based meal preppers to outdoor adventurers, these influencers are setting the bar for a healthier and more active lifestyle!

Top 3 healthy lifestyle Instagram influencers from Cambridge:

1. ?????? ???? – @fariha_k_vlogs

Fariha K Khan, a health lifestyle influencer from Cambridge, is an inspiring figure within the social media world. With 6,853 followers and 68262 average TikTok views, Fariha K Khan promotes healthy living habits through her captivating and engaging posts.

Through her posts, she has managed to achieve an amazing 4.42% engagement rate with an average of 303 engagements per post. From health advice to home exercises, Fariha K Khan’s content is inspiring and informative.

Followers: 6,853

Engagement rate: 4.42%

Avg. engagement: 303

2. Stuart – @defiknowledge

Stuart, a healthy lifestyle Instagram influencer from Cambridge, is an excellent source of understanding how to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle. His Instagram page @defiknowledge has gained over 68,262 average views per TikTok and 190 average engagements per post, indicating a strong following and engagement rate of 10.07%. Follow Stuart for useful and beneficial tips for living a healthy lifestyle.

Followers: 1,886

Engagement rate: 10.07%

Avg. engagement: 190

3. J i l l a y n e – @jillayne.christensen

Jillayne Christensen, an Instagram influencer from Cambridge, has an engaging and informative content on healthy living. Her TikTok following stands at 1,502 with an average of 68262 views per post, and her Instagram follows boast an average of 68 engagements with a 4.53% engagement rate.

With an interest in health, nutrition, and fitness, she provides valuable knowledge and insights to her followers, inspiring people to live healthy and active lives.

Followers: 1,502

Engagement rate: 4.53%

Avg. engagement: 68

In a Nutshell:

The sky is truly the limit when it comes to following the footsteps of these three Cambridge Instagram Influencers and their positive approach to healthy living. From plant-based diets to personal fitness regimes, it is truly wonderful to witness the impact they are having on their audiences as well as the broader community.

As one of the leading cities in terms of digital innovation, Cambridge is well positioned to lead the healthy lifestyle revolution in the years to come. Here’s to a healthier, happier Cambridge in 2023!