The Top 3 Kurukshetra Gaming TikTok Influencers of 2023 and Their Engaging Content

The gaming world has changed drastically since 2023 and with it, the rise of social influencers in the Kurukshetra gaming space. There are now a plethora of TikTok influencers who specialize in gaming and create amazing content to captivate their audience.

In this blog post, we will be looking into the top three Kurukshetra gaming TikTok influencers of 2023 and the content they create that make generations of gamers come together.

Top 3 gaming TikTok influencers from Kurukshetra:

1. KING AIM – @kingaim13

KING AIM is a gaming TikTok influencer from Kurukshetra with the username @kingaim13 and an average of 1,341 and 927 views per TikTok and 52 engagements per post and a 3.88% engagement rate in their posts. KING AIM is a popular gaming influencer who creates videos showcasing their vast knowledge of gaming as well as their gaming skills. With their huge network of followers and high engagement rate, they are a renowned and respected member of the gaming community.

Followers: 1,341

Engagement rate: 3.88%

Avg. engagement: 52

Avg. views: 927

2. Bed Head Gaming – @bedheadgamingfb

Bed Head Gaming is a gaming influencer from Kurukshetra who is known on TikTok by the username bedheadgamingfb. This influencer averages 1,574 views and 91828 engagements per post, which gives them an engagement rate of 48.86%. They post content related to gaming and their posts are usually well-received, making them a popular influencer on the platform.

Followers: 1,574

Engagement rate: 48.86%

Avg. engagement: 769

Avg. views: 91,828

3. Abu Kad – @abu_kad

Abu Kad is a gaming TikTok influencer from Kurukshetra with a username of abu_kad and 31,900 followers. His posts generally enjoy an average of 97,516 views each and 2,037 average engagements per post. Abu Kad boasts an impressive 6.39% engagement rate in his posts, which is well above the average engagement rate of TikTok influencers.

Followers: 31,900

Engagement rate: 6.39%

Avg. engagement: 2,037

Avg. views: 97,516


As we come to a close of this blog post, it’s safe to say that the top 3 Kurukshetra gaming TikTok influencers of 2023 have came in clutch with their content and made it engaging for their viewers. With the ever-changing gaming landscape and the possibility of more gaming influencers rising, this is an evolution that we are all living in and can look forward to; one that will bring delightful and interesting content for us to experience.