Top 10 Home Design & Lifestyle Influencers







Spending more time at home during the COVID pandemic has made home design and lifestyle a top priority for many of us. More of us are focused on personalizing our living spaces and making our homes an expression of ourselves. ? This phenomenon has also created new professions centered around home design and lifestyle more accessible; some examples include interior designers, kitchen designers, and lifestyle consultants that work with customers to help realize their unique vision for their living space. Influencers are taking part in this trend too. More and more internet creators share their design vision with their followers, as well as what inspires them, their top home styling tips and cool DIY ideas.ย 

To keep you up-to-date on the trends, we have selected the top 10 home design and lifestyle influencers that are shaking up the space at the moment, showing relevant data mined from our exclusive social data platform to give you a better idea about each influencer and their total reach.

Joanna Stevens Gaines:ย 

Becki Owens:ย 

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Kate Rumson:

Amber Lewis:ย 

Farahj Merhi:ย 

Erin Vogelpohl:ย 

Liz Marie Galvan:

Kate Arends:ย 

Hilton Carter:ย 

Justina Blakeney: