Top 10 Mental Health Influencers 

Relaxed young woman sitting on the floor at home listening to music

The most common negative mental health impacts of social media ☠️ have been determined to be: substance abuse and compulsive behaviors related to social media use, loneliness, depression & fear, anxiety, and trauma related to online bullying and harassment.

Brands that use social media for their marketing initiatives see mental health as an important territory for corporate responsibility and rely on influencers to amplify messages. The latter play a huge role in normalizing the conversations around it, offering messages ? of support and guidance, while social media platforms play an even bigger role when it comes to supporting their users’ mental health. They have a responsibility to make sure their tools address potential harm, educate destigmatisation, and support public conversations about it.

Therefore, we decided that our “TOP 10” for this week would be related to MENTAL HEALTH INFLUENCERS ?. We’ve picked 10 influencers who our social data platform says are making a difference by sharing their stories to help empower others.

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The influencers listed below share their opinions and ways to help get through hard times ??‍♀️: