Top 10: Non-Binary & Gender-Neutral Influencers 


As we see IRL, the world of social media is extremely diverse. Luckily we have gotten to a point where there is content that speaks to everyone; with an endless stream of creators with unique interests and perspectives, social media is the perfect platform for both diversity and inclusion ??.

Social media has provided unprecedented access to people and communities who may not conform to societal norms regarding orientation or gender ????. This increase in diversity when it comes to gender representation has positively impacted both perceptions of trans and non-binary communities, as well as the people becoming much more comfortable with them- having educated them to understand these topics more thoroughly ?.  

With the help of our IMAI technology, we identified some of the top non-binary and gender neutral influencers, accessing all the statistics about them as well as their audience.

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Have a look at them??: