Top 10 Parenting Influencers


Itโ€™s no secret that parenting is a hard work and it takes time ?โ€?โ€?โ€?. Parents do their best to choose the best products, services and activities for their children. Many of them like to share photos of their children on social media. And, some moms and dads have even made it a full-time job. They share their tips and tricks with their audience (often new parents), review products, and talk about their successes and failures. Some can be humorous, while others simply offer support and companionship to all parents.ย 

Taking into account the statistics provided by our social data platform IMAI, concerning the activity of influencers on social networks as well as information on their audience and their affinities, we were able to present to you the 10 best parenting influencers in the world.

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